Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Writers have no Allegiance to UGA.

Many people are making a big deal out of the Dawgs' Preseason #23 ranking.

"WHOA WHOA...Hold up, Dukes! Where have you been for the past few months?"

It was summer, nothing was happening. Get over it.

Now, as I was saying, Many people are making a big deal out of the Dawgs' Preseason #23 ranking. They're using that ranking to suggest that Georgia Tech is now somehow a better football program than Georgia. They're using that ranking to say Richt should be on the hotseat. They're using that ranking to say the wheels have really fallen off with talent level and ability at UGA.

These people are idiots.

College football is a "what have you done lately" entity. The answer, in UGA terms, is "not much." Georgia hasn't won the SEC since 2005. We haven't won a national title since 1980. We haven't beaten Florida since 2007, and before that, 2004, and before that, 1997. Soooo....what are UGA fans expecting? Do you expect that the national writers have been reading all the UGA blogsites and are in a fervor about the "potential" of this year's team?


They are voting for proven teams. UGA has shown a decline in performance over the past two years. After a lofty #1 ranking before 2008, UGA lost 8 of its next 26 contests. That's a 69% winning percentage. Think that's gonna rank you very high? Nope.

You and I know that this team is going to show addition by subtraction. The defense will be better. How do we know this? Well, could you imagine it being any WORSE? The defense is taking on a "playmaker" mentailty - and I'm all for that. I want those guys to turn it up, and turn it loose. Will that result in a few burns? Most likely. But, in the long run, I think it will result in a far greater overall defensive performance.

The QB play will have to be better. Murray has an armory of weapons around him. He has a great offensive line. He has solid running backs. And, he has a coach who is going to let the game come to HIM instead of forcing him to go out and win games.

Of course, this is all information that has been trumpeted around for the whole summer. This is what every UGA-Red-Blooded blogger has told you. This is not news. Still, some of you seem to believe that the writers-at-large should agree with this. They shouldn't. It's not their job to believe in the potential. It's their job to believe in results.

Then, after the results are in, and the Dawgs are on top in the SEC, it's their job to pretend they were with the us the whole time.

Go Dawgs.