Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not all UGA stars will sign today.

National Signing Day.  Far too many men in their 30's-70's are drinking coffee, following the activities of 17 and 18 year old boys today.  Get Chris Hansen on the phone.

Today is a day for college football fans to be excited, naturally.  Today is the day when the future stars of their team put pen to paper and sign declare their allegiance to a college (until they decide to transfer, quit, or in the case of Bama, until Saban decides there's a more talented kid who needs that spot).  But, there are many kids who WON'T sign that letter today.  They weren't contacted by many D-1 schools, if any.  They were contacted by lower-tier schools, passed over by the bigs for not being athletic enough, or not being big enough, or maybe just because their position is one where there happen to be too many great recruits this year.  Those kids won't get the hefty scholarship offers.

They will walk-on.

They will attend a University of their own volition.  They will be scholarshiped academically, or they will work multiple jobs to pay for tuition, or they will sign themselves to decades of student loan payments just to walk on the campus of their dreams, and attempt to earn a spot on a football team.  They will be looked over at every possible chance.  They will be deemed "Not as worthy" as the scholarship players on the team.  They will not be invited to every meeting.  They will not dress out to every game.  They will be forced to earn every shred of respect and recognition they receive.

And some will fail.  But some will prosper.  Some will use the experience as a challenge.  They will wake each day with a rabid desire to be better than the day before.  They will work tirelessly to impress their coaches.  They will be absolute beasts and will NOT allow themselves to be outworked by anyone.

Some will earn scholarships.  Some will earn Starting Jobs.  And a few, very few of these walk-ons, will end up in the National Football League.  One or two may even wear Super Bowl rings for the rest of their lives (Shout out to my boy Verron!!!).  Above all else, they will learn that you NEVER give up on a dream.

I was a walk-on.  I learned that lesson.  At UGA I was a letterman, was twice honored by the SEC and was twice honored by my own team.  I don't give up on my dreams.  For the past 11 years, I've been in Los Angeles, chasing a new dream - that of being an entertainer.  A year ago, I received a call offering me a chance to perform on television.  Since then, I have gone on to more pro gigs, started work on an album, and this year, in 2013, I will go on tour.  I am playing in Austin at SXSW.  I am playing Georgia.  I am playing in Nashville.  I am playing in Alabama.  I have finally realized my dream - and it all began, by NOT signing a piece of paper to a lower-tier school, but instead by walking-on at Georgia.

For the next 3 days, you can still be a part of my adventure.  I am looking for support for my upcoming tour, and I'm giving awesome rewards to those who back me.  I'm pushing for $10K and we're nearly there!!!  You can find out more here: