Sunday, November 25, 2012

That Explosive Offense Thing...

All year long we've heard about how explosive our offense can be (provided we don't mention that night in South Carolina).  So, I decided to peek into that stat just a bit.  I found some interesting results.  Here's how Georgia ranks nationally and in the SEC on Long-Plays from scrimmage.

10+ Yards:  201 plays - 23rd FBS, 3rd SEC (TA&M, UT)
20+ Yards:  75 plays - 7th FBS, 2nd SEC (TA&M)
30+ Yards:  38 plays - 3rd FBS, 2nd SEC (TA&M)
40+ Yards:  24 plays - 2nd FBS (Baylor), 1st SEC
50+ Yards:  13 plays - 3rd FBS (Miami, UtahState T-1), 1st SEC
60+ Yards:    7 plays - 5th FBS, 2nd SEC (Vandy)
70+ Yards:    2 plays  - T-38th FBS, T-6th SEC

Looks like we really need to work on our 70+ yard offensive gameplan.

We're also tied for 9th in the country with 62 Touchdowns, which is 2nd in the SEC behind TA&M's 72.
(Alabama is in 12th at 61)

Go Dawgs.

That Pesky Ol' Stat...

At the beginning of the season, I wrote a blog about the Georgia Defense's failure to stop opponents in the red-zone.  In fact, until the Missouri game, we hadn't stopped any opponent in our redzone since Florida in 2011.  That's horrible.

Well, folks....

Things are better.  Looking up our opponents' redzone scoring percentage today made me pretty happy.  Georgia ranks 13th nationally, and second in the SEC (AL #1 Naitonally, #1 SEC) with an opponents' scoring percentage of 71.05% (AL 60.87%).

The interesting part for me, though, is in the Opponent's TD percentage, where Georgia (15 Nationally, 4th SEC) LEADS Alabama (18th Nationally, 6th SEC) 47.37% - 47.83%.  Of course, we can see how small the difference is, but still, it's nice to know that from the standpoint of Redzone Touchdowns, our defense is on par with what is seen as the defensive standard in college football.

Naturally, these statistics are only hard-number statistics, and do not factor in anything like garbage-time points, quality of opponent, etc...but our defense is playing at a hell of a level right now, and it'll be interesting to see how they square off against the crowned-king of Bama.

Go Dawgs.

Victory Helmet Updated

Sorry it's taken me a while, folks...but you'll see the 2012 Victory Helmet is now fully updated.  Feel free to steal and share the image if you'd like.

Go Dawgs!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fire Mark Richt? Kiss My Class.

Oh man, he just keeps winning football games.  The Anti-Richt/Bobo crowd has got to be kicking itself in the balls....all the way to the Georgia Dome.  That's right, kids...ANOTHER appearance in the SEC title game.  Last time that happened?  04-05...when Georgia lost the '04 contest, then won the '05.  Back-to-back victories against Florida.  Last time that happened?  1988-1989.  Shutout Auburn.  Last time that happened?    1976.  Eight victories in eleven tries against Auburn.  Last time that happened?  Not since the game was played in Columbus Georgia in the 40's and 50's.

Sorry haters, Richt is a Good Damn Coach, and he ain't goin' anywhere.

There are those who hate his style and his demeanor, who complain that he's too much of a choir-boy.  There are those who hate his benching of players as a measure of discipline.
There are those who wish he was more of a mean sommommabitch, because you know, that's what it takes to win.

Well, I think you haters can just pucker up and Kiss His Class.  Richt wins, and he does it the right way.  We're a few weeks from finding out if he can go up against the "best" coach in the SEC and beat him (as he has a couple times already) and possibly get a chance to play for the elusive BCS title.

But even if he doesn't, I think it's fair to say that Richt is back in a big way, and that this latest crop of young players (Gurley, Marshall, Mitchell, Jenkins, Swann, etc) may be the best he's brought Georgia.  Bright things are on the horizon, and when the spotlight is already on the program, that's a pretty great thing to be able to say.

Go Dawgs.