Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Dog is a DAWG

Previously, I posted about our dog destroying my beloved UGA hat...

Now, normally I might be enraged by this - and perhaps I should be - but this dog really can't piss me off too badly.  First off, he looks like this:  

And secondly, he DAILY decides to do his "business" in the yard of a neighboring FL Gator Fan.  

Now, I've never really bought into the "I'm a Georgia fan, so I have to hate all other SEC fans" thing...but I gotta say...something in me just loves the fact that even our dog understands what a FL Fan is worth.

Go Dawgs.

Btw...if anyone knows where I can get a replacement for that hat (apparently The Game stopped making them in 2011), I'd be very grateful.  

Go Dawgs.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Calling all Dawgs ... and Tracking Hounds

Hello Dawgfans.

Once again, it's summer...and once again, I'm very quiet.  But I need to share something with you.  

Last week, a tragedy struck my home.  Upon entering, my girlfriend found the house in an awful state.  There were signs of a struggle, foreign substances on the couch, floor, carpeting, etc.  There was a sign of forced exit... forced exit from a kennel...by our American Bulldog, Moo.  Moo broke out of his cage and in the process of destroying the living room, made short work of my favorite Georgia hat.  

To describe the hat, it was a brown leather trucker style hat with a slide closure.  The Front of the hat was embroidered with the UGA - University of Georgia BAR-style logo.  The closure on the back simply said:  GEORGIA.

I'm looking to replace it, but the reps at TheGame told me that they haven't offered that hat since fall 2011.  I don't know if anyone out there owns a Campus Spirit, or a Hibbets, or a Lids, or anything like that...or if you maybe just happen to have seen one somewhere... but I'm calling on all who'll listen.

If someone can help me replace my hat, then you would indeed hold a special place in my heart.   

Below are a picture of me wearing the hat at a recent performance...and one of the hat in its current state.  

Can anyone help?