Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not to bag on an old point...

But I was watching ESPN this morning, and Kiper has us as his #5 team coming back. The reasons? A Defense that loses one starter, and Aaron Murray.

Now...just a little realism.

Our defense, while stout at times, did give up big points against Boise and LSU (probably the two best teams we faced all year).

And Aaron Murray, well....we lost 4 games. In three of them, he had a pick-six and a crucial fumble. Yeah, he throws a bunch of touchdowns against not-so-excellent teams. But, he's really going to need to mature in his decision making over this off-season if he hopes to lead us back to Atlanta and beyond. And sorry, you can't argue on that. He is talented, he is athletic, but there is one thing he isn't - Clutch.

Let's put it this way.... No one is calling the fourth quarter (or overtime) "Murraytime."

More later.

Go Dawgs.