Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not to bag on an old point...

But I was watching ESPN this morning, and Kiper has us as his #5 team coming back. The reasons? A Defense that loses one starter, and Aaron Murray.

Now...just a little realism.

Our defense, while stout at times, did give up big points against Boise and LSU (probably the two best teams we faced all year).

And Aaron Murray, well....we lost 4 games. In three of them, he had a pick-six and a crucial fumble. Yeah, he throws a bunch of touchdowns against not-so-excellent teams. But, he's really going to need to mature in his decision making over this off-season if he hopes to lead us back to Atlanta and beyond. And sorry, you can't argue on that. He is talented, he is athletic, but there is one thing he isn't - Clutch.

Let's put it this way.... No one is calling the fourth quarter (or overtime) "Murraytime."

More later.

Go Dawgs.


Mr. Sanchez said...

Ben, considering his happy feet and turnover prone ways, how much of Murray's issues do you put on the man who's been coaching him for 3 1/2 years now?

Tree said...

Wow, lets see how he does with a run game and an offensive line that can protect. This kid got murdered this season and was making plays, last time I have seen a QB hit as many times as him it was Zeier at Ole Miss in '90. he made a lot of plays... If WR catch the ball vs. LSU then he may not have needed to make those plays. Boise sacked us 6 times. SC pick 6 came after Bobo put us in 2 and long and goes play action knowing Clowney and company are coming on a blitz. THE OFFENSIVE LINE WAS TERRIBLE THIS YEAR! Aaron Murray is better than the QB that won the National Championship this year but he's not good enough at UGA. Block up front and have a better play call selection and AM will be just fine. Everyone gets happy feet when the OL is aweful!

BuLLdawg said...

I have to agree with Ben Dukes. I always do when he is right as rain, as he is here.

I direct myself in reply to the last post :

After Georgia tek in 2009 when Mark Richt was 18-19 vs teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 25 after beating Georgia tek 2009,

Mark Richt has Lost Every Game vs teams finishing AP Top 25 :

3.Missy State
5.Central Florida
6.Boise State
9.Michigan State

0-9 vs teams finishing AP Top 25
after Georgia tek win 2009

Mark Richt all 11 years :
18-28 vs teams finishing AP Poll Top 25

Last win over a team finishing AP Poll Top 10 :
37-15 Win Allbarn 2006 # 9*

30-41 Loss Alabama 2008 # 6*
10-49 Loss Crocodiles 2008 # 1*
17-41 Loss Crocodiles 2009 # 3*
31-49 Loss Auburn 2010 # 1*
21-35 Loss Boise State 2011 # 8*
42-45 Loss Sakerlina 2011 # 9*
10-42 Loss LSU 2011 # 2*

The argument can be clearly made that, preseason # 1 in the nation in every single solitary poll bar none, with 27 Bulldogs out partying that very night celebrating it with no discipline, then # 1 Georgia takes on Alabama, us # 1 in the nation and we fall behind 31-0 at half-time, that this football program of mine has never recovered.

Now, what was it you said about how great we are doing ?

I am not trying to cause trouble.

I guess I just do not feel so positive about what we are doing as you.

Can't imagine why.

Sorry. Thank you for allowing my opinion of what we are in fact doing right now. It's not good. And, there is nothing anyone can say to me about it, that will change my mind.

My mind is changed on the field.

We are on a roll LOSING to every team finishing in the AP Poll top 25 and top 10, all in a row, back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

And, I summarize that with my agreement then with the 1st post, also, by Mr. Sanchez.

IveyLeaguer said...

Realism is a good thing, Ben. I agree with your conclusions.
And I'm concerned that we don't always operate from a base of realism. Because when you don't, whatever you don't see correctly can't get fixed.
There are many examples of this in various areas. This one is not a very good, but it's very recent, a quote this week from Rambo:
“Everybody thought we had a great season last year. This right here is going to go down in history.”
While it's great to be positive and all that, I have to wonder what sort of overall team mindset allows that sort of thinking.
"Great" season? When we lose 4 games and can't beat a ranked team?
The only way to make history is to go undefeated and/or win the SECCG and BCSNC games. Those are fine goals, but I wonder about the wisdom of that mindset.
I understand it's just a kid talking to the media. But let's beat a ranked team first, before we get too full of ourselves. All the more so because Richt's teams have at least a 6 year record of not being able to handle success.
I've said any number of times this year that Richt needs to bring in the Homer Smith of football psychology this offseason. For himself and well as the team. Other head coaches have done it with great success.
IMHO, it's not realistic to think we don't need that. Because our mindset is not anywhere near where it needs to be, and hasn't been for years.
Now that the pressure's off for a while, let's be honest about our weaknesses, and do something about them.
As for Murray, I'm hoping he'll overcome whatever it is. The only thing that can get him over the hump is success in a clutch situation or two. He's our QB, so we have to pull for him to do it. Chances are, he'll get those opportunities this coming season.

BuLLdawg said...

Very good IveyLeaguer,

I also do not think we are beating a dead horse for Ben Dukes to summarize where we are with his latest post here.

As you say, IveyLeaguer, sir, we have Lost every game consecutively for 9 games to teams who finished in the AP top 25.

We've Lost every game consecutively for 7 games in a row who finished in the AP top 10.

We've Lost 9 games starting 2006 to teams who did not finish in the AP Poll top 25. Those are bad Losses, too.

Georgia tek is not a Rival, not when their coach is # 50 in 1-A FBS Coaching Winning Percentage with their # 51 recruiting classes every single year. How is that cupcake Our Rival ? Our main 2 Rivals are Florida and Auburn and Mark Richt's coaching staff has a Losing Record at 10-12 against our Main Rivals.

111 Recruits Mark Richt's coaching staff has Signed here at UGA over the last 5 years, 26 over the limit of 85. Alabama runs off recruits ? What are we doing when all these guys were run off just last season alone ? Is there any difference in what Nick Saban is doing at Alabama and what we are doing here at Georgia in running off recruits we don't want ?

Since we Last had a 1-Loss record against just SEC teams in 2002, which was clearly a down year in The SEC 2002 with only just 1 other SEC team finishing in the Coaches' Poll Top 25 for 2002 a 4-Loss Auburn, there have been 11 SEC teams who finished with 0 or 1 Loss to SEC teams that year. 3 times Alabama has 0 or 1 SEC Loss on the season, 3 times Auburn has, 3 times Florida has and 2 times LSU has gone through the season with 0 or 1 Loss to SEC teams since we last accomplished that 10 years ago.

IveyLeaguer, sir, I agree whole-heartedly, that as the 3 of us are all 3 clearly huge fans of this football program of ours, that we must admit where we need to work on to improve as a program.

Either that, or sit back and brag about a 10-Win Season when there are 27 FBS 1-A teams with 10-Win Season this 2011 season alone, and us with the Most Losses of all 27 teams with 10-Win Seasons this year alone with as you say 4-Losses.

FBS 1-A Head Coach Win %

01. .9241 Chris Petersen currently at Boise State
02. .8500 Chip Kelly currently at Oregon
03. .8462 David Shaw currently at Stanford
04. .8362 Pete Carroll
05. .8281 Jim Tressel
06. .8189 Urb an Me yer currently at Ohio State
07. .8065 Les Miles at LSU
08. .8041 Bob Stoops currently at Oklahoma
09. .8028 Mack Brown currently at Texas
10. .8000 Larry Coker currently at Miami
11. .7983 Nick Saban currently at Alabama
12. .7899 Gary Patterson currently at TCU
13. .7857 Dave Doeren currently at Northern Illinois
14. .7692 Dana Holgorsen currently at West Virginia
15. .7692 Hugh Freeze currently at Ole Miss
16. .7595 Bret Bielema currently at Wisconsin
17. .7500 Gene Chizik at Auburn
18. .7491 Joe Paterno
19. .7483 Frank Beamer currently at Virginia Tech
20. .7426 Bobby Petrino currently at Arkansas
21. .7361 Mark Richt currently at Georgia

BuLLdawg said...

Mark Richt vs teams who ended up top 25 AP Poll all 11 yrs :

09-14 Loss Sakerlina 2001 # 13
26-24 Win vols 2001 # 4*
10-24 Loss Crocodiles 2001 # 3*
17-24 Loss Allbarn 2001 Unranked**
31-17 Win Georgia tek 2001 # 24
16-20 Loss Boston College 2001 # 21**
27-25 Win Alabama 2002 # 11
13-20 Loss Crocodiles 2002 Unranked**
24-21 Win Allbarn 2002 # 14
26-13 Win FSU 2002 # 21
30-00 Win Climpsum Farmers 2003 # 22
13-34 Loss LSU 2003 # 2*
13-16 Loss Crocodiles 8-5 in 2003 # 24**
41-14 Win vols 2003 # 15
10-17 Loss LSU 2003 # 2*
34-27 Win Purdue 2003 # 18
45-16 Win LSU 2004 # 16
14-19 Loss vols 2004 # 13
06-24 Loss Allbarn 2004 # 2*
24-21 Win Wisconsin 2004 # 17
10-14 Loss Crocodiles 2005 # 12
30-31 Loss Allbarn 2005 # 14
34-14 Win LSU 2005 # 6*
35-38 Loss West Virginia mountaineers 2005 # 5*
33-51 Loss vols 2006 # 25**
22-24 Loss Vandie 4-8 in 2006 Unranked**
14-21 Loss Crocodiles 2006 # 1*
20-24 Loss Kentucky 2006 Unranked**
37-15 Win Allbarn 2006 # 9*
31-24 Win Virginia Tech 2006 # 19
12-16 Loss Sakerlina 6-6 in 2007 Unranked**
14-35 Loss vols 2007 # 12
42-30 Win Crocodiles 2007 # 13
45-20 Win Allbarn 2007 # 15
41-10 Win Hawai'i 2007 # 19
30-41 Loss Alabama 2008 # 6*
10-49 Loss Crocodiles 2008 # 1*
42-45 Loss Georgia tek 2008 # 22**
24-12 Win Michigan State 2008 # 24
10-24 Loss Okie State 2009 Unranked**
19-45 Loss vols 7-6 in 2009 Unranked**
13-20 Loss LSU 2009 # 17
17-41 Loss Crocodiles 2009 # 3*
30-24 Win Georgia tek 2009 # 13
27-34 Loss Kentucky 7-6 in 2009 Unranked**
06-17 Loss Sakerlina 2010 # 22**
24-31 Loss Arky 2010 # 12
12-24 Loss Missy State 2010 # 15
31-34 Loss Crocodiles 2010 Unranked**
31-49 Loss Auburn 2010 # 1*
27-29 Loss Colorado 5-7 in 2010 Unranked**
06-10 Loss Central Florida 2010 # 21**
21-35 Loss Boise State 2011 # 8*
42-45 Loss Sakerlina 2011 # 9*
10-42 Loss LSU 2011 # 2*
30-33 Loss Michigan State 2011 # 11

**without the win over Mark Richt, opponent ends up not ranked
* Mark Richt vs teams ending up AP Poll Top 10 all 11 yrs

BuLLdawg said...

Current 11-year period Mark Richt :

3-13 vs teams finishing AP Poll Top 10 all 11 years

17-24 vs teams finishing AP Poll Top 25 all 11 years

# 27 coach Mark Richt vs teams ending up under .500

9 teams Mark Richt not a winning record against

# 19 nationally Top 25 at time of game Mark Richt

# 6 SEC Coach win% vs Top 5 time of game all 11 yrs

# 6 SEC Coach win% vs teams ending Top 25 all 11 yrs

# 88 coach at Home vs Spread Mark Richt all 11 years

26-35-2 vs Spread at Home Mark Richt all 11 years

# 55 nationally bowl record win % at 7-4

# 81 coach Mark Richt grad rates and APR 2001 to now

# 52 Average NCAA Total Offense all 11 years

# 37 coach Mark Richt Score Touchdowns all 11 years

# 52 coach on 3rd Down Mark Richt all 11 years

BuLLdawg said...

1.AJ Harmon SR # 10 OT nation 5-Star, academic failure Flunked-Out, transfer
2.Dontavius Jackson SR # 23 TB 4-Star, DUI, transfer
3.Carlton Thomas SR TB suspended 3 times 2011 alone, transfer
4.Brent Benedict SO # 10 OT 4-Star, transfer over Strength & Conditioning
5.Nick Williams SR Safety, transfer could’ve redshirt 2011
6.Marcus Dowtin R SR # 7 LB nation 4-Star, transfer could’ve redshirt 2011, charged with second-degree assault in his home state of Maryland in 2010, suspended by coach Mark Richt for the Bulldogs’ bowl game before he transferred
7.Bryce Ros JR # 22 TE
8.Johnathan Owens SR # 39 OT
9.DE Jeremy Longo SR
10.Xavier Tyrone Avery SR RB, signed 2009 UGA instead baseball.
11.Toby Jackson SR # 9 DE 4-Star failed qualify, Flunked-Out before he even got here transfer
12.Makiri Pugh SR Safety CB, transfer Suspended Colorado 11/10/11
13.Montez Robinson SR # 10 DE 4-* beat up girl, kicked off the team after he beat up the girl a student at UGA in good standing. In fact Montez Robinson beat her up or her beat her car up 3 times before Mark Richt kicked him off the team and met with him at the Jail with Mike Bobo, then he transferred but not before after all the other beatings of the poor UGA co-ed Montez Robinson at McWhorter Hall picked the poor little up and slammed to repeatedly to the floor
14.Washaun Ealey SR # 15 RB nation 4-Star, suspended 1 game hit and run driving suspended license car owned by Jakar Hamilton, also suspended again later undisclosed not Georgia way, transfer
15.Lonnie Outlaw JR WR failed qualify, Flunked-Out before he even got here, transfer
16.Jakar Hamilton SR Safety 4-Star, allowed Ealey drive illegally Jakar’s vehicle, transfer
17.Derek Owens JR CB, Academic Failure, Flunked-Out, suspended bowl transfer
18.Demetre Baker JR # 23 LB 4-Star, kicked off DUI transfer
19.Jalen Fields JR DE 4-Star, failed qualify, Flunked-Out before he even got here, transfer
20.Kent Turene FR LB failed qualify, Flunked-Out before he even got here, Dream Team # 1
21.Chris Mayes SO DT failed qualify, Flunked-Out before he even got here. Dream Team # 2
22.Chris Little SR # 12 OT 4-Star transfer, ruled ineligible
23.Orson Charles SR DUI TE after he said he wanted to Jump Ship to NFL
24. Derrick Lott, JR DE, fine looking young man, transfer
00.Marc Deas SO DB CANCELLED HIS TRANSFER 3 April 2012
25.Zach Mettenberger JR # 14 QB 4-* sexual battery Guilty, transfer
26.Jordan Lawrence Love JR 12/31/90 # 21 CB 4-* arrested didn’t know middle name or birthday, transfer
27. # 52 in the nation DE Brandon Burrows, injured at Walton after Mark Richt offered him a scholarship, never able to recover, transfer
28.Sanford Seay RFR SE theft teammate transfer Dream Team # 3
29.Chris Sanders SO DB theft teammate transfer Dream Team # 4
30.Nick Marshall SO CB theft teammate transfer Dream Team # 5
31. John Atkins, failed to qualify to be here already, taking ACT again
32. Isaiah Crowell Sophomore felony arrest Dream Team # 6
33. Cootie Harrow Dream Team # 7 flunked-out

And, then there were 67 signed scholarship recruits remaining standing of the 107 Mark Richt signed to Scholarships with Rodney Garner's assistance, plus 1 transfer-in, plus 4 walk-ons playing special teams.