Sunday, November 25, 2012

That Explosive Offense Thing...

All year long we've heard about how explosive our offense can be (provided we don't mention that night in South Carolina).  So, I decided to peek into that stat just a bit.  I found some interesting results.  Here's how Georgia ranks nationally and in the SEC on Long-Plays from scrimmage.

10+ Yards:  201 plays - 23rd FBS, 3rd SEC (TA&M, UT)
20+ Yards:  75 plays - 7th FBS, 2nd SEC (TA&M)
30+ Yards:  38 plays - 3rd FBS, 2nd SEC (TA&M)
40+ Yards:  24 plays - 2nd FBS (Baylor), 1st SEC
50+ Yards:  13 plays - 3rd FBS (Miami, UtahState T-1), 1st SEC
60+ Yards:    7 plays - 5th FBS, 2nd SEC (Vandy)
70+ Yards:    2 plays  - T-38th FBS, T-6th SEC

Looks like we really need to work on our 70+ yard offensive gameplan.

We're also tied for 9th in the country with 62 Touchdowns, which is 2nd in the SEC behind TA&M's 72.
(Alabama is in 12th at 61)

Go Dawgs.

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