Thursday, September 25, 2008

Southerland to return against Alabama

I read today that Richt is expecting Brannan Southerland to return to action against Alabama. This will be his first game since being sidelined by off-season foot surgery. Richt says Southerland will see action on the punt team, and for fieldgoals/extra points.



Field Goals/Extra Points and Punt team? That's where you put a kid who's been working his tail off in practice, but can't really contribute to the overall scheme of the game. That way, he gets on the field, he might get his name called if he does something spectactular like a huge tackle on a punt, or recovering a blocked kick. But your best fullback? I don't understand.

I imagine the thinking is to get him back into a game situation...let him feel out the foot at full speed, see how it is. That makes sense on Punt....he'll have to run down the field and cover the kick. But fieldgoals and extra points?

Look, if the kid's ready to go, put him in the backfield and let him block. Let him carry the rock on the goalline like he's done so many times in the past. Sadly, Chapas is woefully enefficient when it comes to hard yards and big blocks. Southerland is the king of that position. If he's actually ready to go, I want him in the game when it matters. If he's not ready to go, why put him in at all? Then you're just risking further injury for something that doesn't seem crucial.

I'm hoping against hope that Southerland will see action on a punt, then decide that he's ready to be back in the starting lineup, and by the end of the game, he's blowing up linebackers, and diving into the endzone. That's what we've come to expect out of the kid. He's one of the unsung (or rarely-sung) heroes of our team...and I want his play to be a real contribution...not just another body on the line for a PAT!

Yeah, Come On!

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ThePetis said...

Dukes - I heard the reasoning was to limit the amount of running....

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