Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Handshake....Exactly what is Gundy Saying?

Ok, I'll admit it....when the Coaches' Association came up with the "brilliant" idea to have non-mandatory handshakes before the first week's games, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. I still do. If you had tried to tell the guys I played with that we'd have to go shake the Vols' hands before that historic whoopin' we put on them in 2000, I'd have told you where you could pucker up and place your lips. But, what's done is done...and I think Richt had the perfect response - "Whatever they say, is what we'll do." He put the decision firmly in Gundy's hands, as well he should. It's OSU's home game, their stadium...the pre-game "niceties" should be completely up to the OSU football team. So, what exactly is Gundy saying when "after much deliberation" he decides AGAINST having his team shake the hands of the Bulldogs? His public statement says that he worries it could cause some kind of altercation before the game.

So, this begs the question...Just which team does Gundy believe lacks the class to properly handle this situation?

I can't imagine that Gundy is saying he has such little control over his own football team, that they would act out against his instructions. I know he's not saying that his own players would start some kind of brawl before their highly-anticipated home opener. It can't be that he thinks HIS guys are going to be the ones "startin' stuff." Surely they wouldn't test the mettle of Mike Gundy. He's a Man. He's 40 (plus).

So, that leaves me with only one other option. Gundy must be saying that he doesn't trust the Dawgs to behave themselves. He must be saying the Dawgs are a bunch of hooligans, thugs, malcontents, guys who just plain "ain't right." He must be saying that Mark Richt's team lacks discipline and control - and that THEY would be the incendiary component in the powder keg of emotion at the opener. He's just GOTTA be saying that the Dawgs are a classless bunch who wouldn't hesitate to risk their own team's future in order to get in a few cheap shots on the opponent.

If I were a player on this Georgia team, I would be using this to pump the rest of the guys up. It might as well make the bulletin board. I'd have to stress the POUNDING we should all give these guys ON THE FIELD. Who wants to fight before the game? That's stupid. You can't really hurt somebody - they're all wearing tons of padding. But, earhole a quarterback on a blindside blitz...and I promise, he's gonna feel it. A big hit IN the game is so much more rewarding...not only from the feeling of doing it, and the oohs and aaahs it brings from the crowd....but also because you can see it again and again on Sportscenter. That's WAAAAAAAAY better than slapping a player in the face pre-game. It all boils down to this - All offseason, the focus of this Georgia team has been "doing things right." There haven't been arrests or really even many small disciplinary matters. They've all been working hard on the little things. Now Gundy has the GAUL to suggest that the Dawgs would come in and cause some kind of commotion?


I want the Dawgs to roll into Stillwater and absolutely DECIMATE the Oklahoma State team. I want to see Zac Robinson's head spinning faster than Colt Brennan's. I want to hear the moans from the DLine as Richard Samuel bolts past them - to hear the crack of a safety's pads on the turf as #22 bowls over him! I want Joe Cox to be the ridiculously accurate passer he's made out to be and connect for his first 22 passes in a row, with 4 tds (one to Munzenmaier, please) before stepping aside and letting Gray get some meaningful snaps....the first of which should be a 60-yard option keeper for a TD. At the end of the day, I want to see a Bulldog-Dominated scoreboard hanging high in Boone Pickens Stadium, reading Georgia 63, OSU 10.* Then, the world will have de facto proof of what Gundy is already suggesting....the Cowboys ain't quite ready for big-boy football.

Then, I want to see the post-game interview where Holly Rowe asks Mark Richt why he called a pass play on first down at the OSU 19 with 15 seconds to play, and scored that final touchdown. To which the response shall be..."You know, they could have just shaken our hands."


* - This is NOT a score prediction...simply something I'd love to see.

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