Monday, January 4, 2010

What About Bumpas?

Ok, Dick Bumpas at TCU is another candidate that I've liked for a couple of years. I explained a bit about why a few posts ago, but I recently received an email calling him "not ready for prime time" because of the fact that his team plays in the mountain west. First off, the Mountain West has been pretty darn good the past couple of years. Now, aside from that....let's just look at this season:

Bumpas' Defense surrendered 12ppg in an undefeated 12-0 season.
Then, they gave up 10 in the 17-10 loss to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. (7 pts scored by Boise State's Defense beats them) By the way, Boise State's offense was #1 in the nation at 44 ppg.

Major wins:

Clemson - #28 scoring offense - 31ppg - TCU surrenders 10
SMU - #45 - 29ppg - TCU surrenders 14
BYU - #11 - 35ppg - TCU surrenders 7
Utah - #34 - 30ppg - TCU surrenders 28
Air Force - # 36 - 30ppg - TCU surrenders 17

And then...2008
TCU holds Boise State to 10 points, BYU to 7, Stanford to 14 and Utah (Undefeated, beat BAMA) to 13.

Bumpas arrived at TCU in 2004, and didn't have a stellar first season. But, his next two were pretty solid. The team won 11 games in each of those seasons. The offense bailed him out in a 51-50 victory in 2005, but other than that, his team only gave up > 20 on three occasions that season. In 2006, they only surrendered > 20 twice. 2007 was another down year, as TCU reloaded talent, leading into VERY solid years in 2008 and 2009.

Bumpas ain't getting the talent at TCU that he'll get at UGA.

Five year recruiting totals at TCU (2005-2009)

Total number of five-star recruits = 0
Total number of four-star recruits = 6
Total number of three-star recruits = 48
Total number of two-star recruits = 48
Total number of one-star recruits = 0
Total recruiting points (stars) = 264
Total number of commitments = 102
Average star per recruit = 2.6

Five year recruiting totals at UGA (2005-2009)

5-star - 4
4-star - 64
3-star - 42

No 1 or 2 stars....they walk-on.
Total stars - 407
Total Commits - 111
Avg - 3.67 stars/commit.

That's an additional "star" for every commitment that he'd get to coach at UGA over the ones he coached at TCU.

The guy does great work with lesser talent. He could be a solid hire.

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