Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A thought on Dowtin....

Marcus Dowtin has proven himself to be a pretty good linebacker. He's also proven himself to have some discipline and decision making issues. Many of us can be successfully charged with the same problem. Now, I'm not excusing knocking a man unconscious in a "bar brawl"...but I have to think there may have been some extenuating circumstances. I don't know too many judges who are lenient with violence of that nature, especially when there could be news to be made regarding an NCAA athlete. However, this case was basically "shelved" and will be expunged if Dowtin stays out of trouble.

So, I ask you...is it POSSIBLE that the bloggers and fanbase are making too big a deal out of this?

For me, the fact that nothing has come of it shows that there may have been another side to the story. Perhaps the guy struck Dowtin first, and Dowtin clocked him out of self-defense. I don't know. But, I do know that the case was brushed away by THE LEGAL FORCES AT HAND which tells me that it's apparently, from a legal standpoint, not the biggest deal in the world.

Do I think Richt makes some kind of disciplinary gesture here? Yip.

Do I think he kicks Dowtin of the team? Nope.

Do I think he SHOULD? Nope.

Our fanbase wants a coach who is full of piss and vinegar, who will go after the throats of opponents, who will slay their wives and rape their babies....but they want players who will kiss the hand that punches them in the face. I don't get it.

Go Dawgs.

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Stephen said...

I am with you here. I totally want to believe that with dropped charges, there may be more to it.

I say let Coach Richt who is out recruiting get back and sort it all out with all the information along with Dowtin and McGarity.

Until then, I will not comment, nor tolerate any stupidity from anyone else.