Thursday, February 3, 2011

He's 6'4, 265, and in the BACKFIELD.

Imagine for a moment that you're a 6'2 235lb linebacker. You see the center and guard part the d-linemen and you know what's coming. A runningback is coming straight up your gap. So, you drive forward, ready to plug that hole, and you come face-to-face with a 6'4, 265lb back who blows you up. Directly behind him? The sub-6' tall, 200lb runningback who no longer has to worry about a middle linebacker and can instead set his sights on outmaneuvering a safety as he sprints to the endzone. Even better...imagine being the same linebacker attempting to TACKLE that monster of a fullback on the goalline. What you now have, is a picture of the NY Giants' 2-back system. True, when Brandon Jacobs is in, he's generally in at tailback. But, the Giants are not above having him block for backfield-teammate Ahmad Bradshaw.

Why am I taking about the NY Giants?

Because I want you to understand what moving Bruce Figgins to fulltime full-back can mean. Bruce has had a tough career at UGA. After catching a TD on his first collegiate reception, he didn't see the endzone again for three years. That'll burn. An injury hampered his progress, and though he was one of our better blocking tight-ends over the past few years, he often lost playing time to the two better pass-catchers, Orson Charles and Aron White. Now, with Arthur Lynch set to be a big-bodied blocker and capable pass option, and with 5-star Jay Rome hitting campus, Figgins' playing time at TE would be sure to dwindle.

So what do you do? You throw him in the backfield at fullback where your two top options have just graduated. You're basically adding a sixth offensive lineman to the mix...but this one has the speed and athleticism of a tightend. Last season, UGA threw the ball to backs out of the backfield only 29 times...the lowest since 2005, a Richt era-low of 26. Can you imagine a full-back screen with Figgins toting the rock? Or, even better...a screen to Crowell or Ealy or King or Malcome or, dare I say it....CARLTON THOMAS with Figgins leading the charge?

This is an off-season move that I don't only support, I stand up and applaud. Fullbacks are generally known for being shorter, stockier guys...little bowling balls that get out and block like beasts. Figgins IS a Beast. At the end of the line, he's a guy who is fairly evenly matched against a DE. In the backfield, he's more likely to contend with a blitzing linebacker or DB.

I like his chances.

Go Dawgs!

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Stephen said...

This is no doubt one of the best position changes that I have ever heard of. I dont necessarily agree with some of the linemen changes, but know that some of them were done out of NECESSITY for depth.

I know that this move is probably along those same reasons, but its also a WEAPON...a FREAKING BEAST Weapon in a position that can make a difference in many ways.

You already said it all, but I will just add that I too am very fired up about this move.

Go Dawgs