Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Genius of Gus Malzahn

Yeah, I'll take Bobo's 38 points over Gus's 7. Nice trick plays, though. Cute.

Go Dawgs!!!!


BulldogBry said...

Are we gonna fire Bobo or what?


Andy Coleman said...

Malzahn 1 - Grantham 1

Hopefully we'll go up one in the win column next year!

Like I've seen you say, Malzahn ain't got much to work with. But, he does have a NC ring to shove in our faces.

jsteph said...

Andy. Have you ever seen a GA QB under Mike Bobo look as clueless as the Auburn one did Sat? Heck last season against the eventual NC our Offense played better. Much better than the Genius Malzhans did against 2 loss GA this year.

Andy Coleman said...

No doubt that dude ain't getting it done. I'll hold my judgement on the AU QBs until Malzahn gets one that he recruited. We all know he lucked out with sCam.

Joe Cox comes to mind though, but then again, he just didn't have the tools to play QB. I sure wish he would have.

jsteph said...

Well even so, Joe threw a lot of TDs. But his awareness at times was just crazy as hell sometimes. I saw the D-linemen there, but I threw the screen anyway.