Thursday, August 16, 2012

Former Bulldog Walk-On Lands in Spotlight

Yep, this is a self-serving post.  For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with my efforts outside of football and blogging, allow me to introduce myself...I'm Ben Dukes, and I sing country music.

A couple of months ago, while on hiatus from blogging, I had my first small stroke of success in the entertainment world - I performed my National Television Debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

If you want a practical explanation of just what in the hell that could possibly have to do with Georgia Football, I'll tell you.  First off, I played Georgia that could be relevance enough.  Further, though, I learned something through Georgia Football that has been incredibly valuable in my life since the red and black gridiron.  Those who do not know my story may be interested to learn that it took me a year and a half to earn a spot on Georgia's football team.  Until the spring of my sophomore year, the coaches had never even seen me in pads.  I'd been constantly redirected to the weight room and sent away without so much as a skills test.  When it looked like that would happen to me for a fourth time, I said no.  I told Coach T that he'd never seen me play football, and that I was a better football player than weightlifter.  He let me participate in spring practice, telling me the guys on that field could knock me through a wall.  Four days later, Rodney Garner told me I'd need to be ready for fall camp - in four days, I showed my position coach that I belonged on that field.  I worked on the scout team, pissing off the scholarship guys by going too hard...I was Rudy, with a little more size.  Those were hard days...but they taught me the value of sticking through and not taking "no" for an answer.  Ten years ago, I moved to LA to pursue entertainment. I've had my share of doors closed in my face, heard a hell of a lot of "no's"... but here I stand, ten years later...and I've played MY MUSIC on National TV.  

I've spent my life in the shadows of others, riding the pine...but on that day, I was able to be the star of the show.  Not too shabby for a kid from LaGrange, Georgia.  

If you like what you see/hear above, stop by my webpage OR, if you're a facebook user, LIKE my facebook page .  Hoping to do a tour through Georgia next year.  If you know anyone who wants to book some good old-school country-rock, hit me up!

Go Dawgs!



BulldogBry said...

Congrats, Ben. You have a new fan.

Alan said...

Great sound. Fine band. Good to see you back on the blog.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Congrats Ben. Good luck going forward

The Lone Stranger said...

That's gritty stuff. Nicely done and good to see you back typing about the Dawgs for 2012.