Monday, August 13, 2012

Walk Ons, Scholarships, and...hey guys, I'm back.

I read the news yesterday that a number of Walk-Ons were granted scholarships.  I love it when this happens.  I know all the recruit-niks out there will scream about roster mis-management and about how we should never be in position to grant so many scholarships to Walk-Ons.  However, when I hear things like that ... I think of names like Verron Haynes and Tra Battle.  There are always talented kids who don't get scholarships.  Then, there are turds who do.  When the turds who get scholarships wash out, sometimes the overlooked athlete gets a shot.  How can you not like that storyline?

I have to admit, I feel particularly happy with the news that Rhett McGowan received a scholarship.  I say this, because two years ago when I was at G-Day, I noticed this kind of lanky-ish receiver making a ton of plays.  I had to look him up to figure out who he was.  He was a walk-on, buried on the depth chart, and an afterthought on the roster.  But, I told my friend The Petis right then that this kid was going to earn a scholarship and at some point in his career could very well factor into a game.  I said that, because from the club-level seat where I sat eating my hotdog and chicken fingers, I could see Rhett's heart.  He was taking the opportunity he was given, and absolutely making the most of it.  Now, we probably have one of the more talented receiving corps that we've had in recent memory.  The corps is so good, they can toss Malcolm Mitchell over to defense.  So, the opportunities to make plays on gameday may be slim for Rhett.  But, he struck me as a sure-handed kid with a big heart and some good athleticism.  Unsung Heroes are made of such stuff.

Go Dawgs.