Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Worst Part of the USC loss...

will be the idiots who blame Richt and Bobo for Murray's ineptitude.  I will agree however, that it is absolutely their fault that he is still our starting quarterback, and that we do not have a different option.  "Time will tell" is no longer the answer IMO.  "Time has told."  The kid is now 2-8 against ranked opponents, and is terrible in big games.

Murray will graduate from UGA with records, records, records.....but if he doesn't do a complete 180 on his Big Game performance ability, he will never win a championship.

And, it's quite possible that he may submarine his coaches.  But then, they are the ones who hitched their wagons to him.

At least Chizik bet his whole future on Cam Newton.

Painful loss.  Now, a week of figgerin' out just what the hell happened, and getting ready to take on the rest of the slate.  Hold onto your hats, fans....this could get bumpy.

Go Dawgs


BuLLdawg said...

Yes, you're right Ben Dukes.

Congratulations to South Carolina

Aaron Murray as Starting UGA QB 21-12
Connor Shaw as Starting USCe QB 13-1

Aaron Murray vs SEC teams who made winning SEC record 0-7
Aaron Murray vs teams who made any Top 25 poll 0-10

Anonymous said...

I hate when "Georgia Fans" like you and any other fans start trash talking our boys after a loss we should be in this together and people like you need to be a real fan and have their backs or not say a word!!!!!

I have my teams back because Im a Real Dawg!


Ben Dukes said...

TrueFan - welcome to the blog, thanks for your input. Tell me - what part of what I said is inaccurate? My comments are not trash talk. They are an assessment I've made of Aaron Murray's performance for three years. Despite his talent, he crumbles in big games. Show me evidence to the contrary.

As I've said a number of times, I hope he changes that. It's obvious that our coaches have attached themselves and our championship hopes to him. So, if we're gonna win a title, he's going to have to win a big game.

Sadly, he may not, we may not, and a fanbase with an undue sense of entitlement may pressure the athletic association to replace a regime that "just can't get it done." That'd be a tragedy.

As for being "a real dawg" - why don't you go ahead and define that for me? Because when I was working my ass off on the practice fields and in the weight room at Butts-Mehre, I'd love to know just what ELSE I was, if not a "Real Dawg". I don't slam our players, but I also don't hold their hands and rub their bottoms after they fail to perform. Simply put, if any of them actually DO read my words, I'm sure they can handle it. We did a good job of handling the garbage the fans said about US when we lost.

Again, welcome to the blog.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I'm glad you finally seem to be realizing that maybe the blame is not with the kid as much as the persons whose job (and been paid millions to do that job) it is to make sure that kid can do his job and is in the best position possible to succeed.

Ben Dukes said...

Sanchez, you misunderstand.

I absolutely blame Murray for the way he played on Saturday. I will write more about this today. He was prepared. He knew the plays. He knew his fundamentals. He simply played poorly. Such is life.

My statement about Richt is simply that if the "big game" losses are what ends up doing him in, he will not be able to pin it on anyone but himself. The QB situation at UGA has been bad since 2005. I will write more about THAT later.

Murray can do that job. He's been coached well. He was in position to do it. He didn't step up to the plate. That's not on the coaches. Now, whether he's the best person who COULD be there, that IS on the coaches.

Is there a better signal caller on our roster? I don't know.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Fair enough. I've always put the impetus on the coaches one way or the other. Player unprepared? Coaches are the one in charge of preparation. Player not good enough? Coaches are in charge of recruiting them or better players. Player doesn't have competition pushing them to get better? Again, coaches recruit. Bad schmes? Coaches. No matter what the issue is imo, it goes up the ladder and ultimately is a coach issue.