Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Dog is a DAWG

Previously, I posted about our dog destroying my beloved UGA hat...

Now, normally I might be enraged by this - and perhaps I should be - but this dog really can't piss me off too badly.  First off, he looks like this:  

And secondly, he DAILY decides to do his "business" in the yard of a neighboring FL Gator Fan.  

Now, I've never really bought into the "I'm a Georgia fan, so I have to hate all other SEC fans" thing...but I gotta say...something in me just loves the fact that even our dog understands what a FL Fan is worth.

Go Dawgs.

Btw...if anyone knows where I can get a replacement for that hat (apparently The Game stopped making them in 2011), I'd be very grateful.  

Go Dawgs.

1 comment:

Sl said...

Ben. I bought the same hat at Bass Pro Shop in Gwinett about a year ago. May be worth a try.