Sunday, September 15, 2013

Specifically for "Rick W"

Rick W threw up a healthy retort to my last post, saying that Grantham had all offseason to prepare for Clemson and South Carolina, and we gave up 68 points.  He says Grantham "doesn't have a clue" and that we're the 5th (or so) best defense in the conference.  He says we're closer to Vanderbilt than we are Alabama defensively.

Hey Rick, tell me again how awesome that Bama defense is....

628 yards and 42 points surrendered to the team that beat them a year ago...

A year ago.

Saban and Smart had a full year to get ready for that game, and they gave up 628 yards and 42 points.

I guess they don't have a clue either.

Or maybe, just MAYBE, as I said before ... when you face TOP teams, you simply need to be able to make one more stop than they do.

Those "total defense" and "Scoring defense" stats sure are great stuff for bloggers and fans to discuss.  They sound fabulous coming out of Gary Danielson's increasingly slurred pie-hole.  But, in actuality, they mean nothing.  nada.  zip.  zero.  zilch.

What matters is whether or not your defense can make that one final stop they need to make in order to win the game.   That's what UGA did against South Carolina.

Go Dawgs.


JT said...

Please don't confuse me with your logic and facts. I like my storyline better, it fits my agenda! LOL!!!
You are correct sir, throw in the FACT we have so many kids (albeit talented) starting for the first time, without warm up games and I think we are doing fine. Offensive ineptness vs. Clemson doomed us, not defensive effort.
We will be fine and WHEN we play Bama' in the SECCG, I think it will be OUR defense that proves itself.
BTW Bama' has a pretty seasoned defense returning.

JT said...
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Unknown said...

Well here we are a month later,how do you feel about about that great job Grantham is doing now?