Saturday, June 12, 2010

34 back in the UGA backfield.

So, this morning "Stuff of Legend" posted a video of Washaun and Caleb running all over the GT defense. If you're feeling nostalgic, check it out here.

Well, watching Washaun run in that 24 Jersey, I couldn't help but think of Knowshon...then I remembered that Washaun has ditched that jersey, and will reclaim his family's number, "3" (and perhaps erase the recent stigma of that number from the minds of the bulldawg faithful).

Anyway, this runningback tandem has me thinking about the days not so long ago when UGA would run split-tailback formations with regularity. Do you guys remember the counter play that was so successful with Brown/Lumpkin and Ware/Lumpkin and Brown/Ware?

There's two reasons I'd love to see that set used early and often against our opponents in 2010.

1st - It works. You put two of your best playmakers in the same backfield, and the defense doesn't know who to key on. The key to a good offense is balance, and that even includes balance by formation. If the defense sees two guys in the backfield who have an equal probability of carrying the ball (as opposed to a HB-FB combo), it's going to be tougher to guess where the ball is going.

2nd....Ealy is #3. King is #4. Put them in a split backfield, and you get 3 4. With a young quarterback, we're going to need a Walker-esque performance from the running game. Why not start with his number, and go from there?


Go Dawgs!


Unknown said...

2RB formations disappeared when Southerland came into his own. Then Southerland left is us Chapas' very capable hands. I'd hate to sit either just for trickery's sake. Chapas can line up at TE and plays well there but that's not exactly the same thing as a proper FB for run support. I wouldn't mind seeing 2RB in situations like short 2nd downs when it's hard to read if a pass or run is coming, but I just don't think it would be as effective as a traditional I-formation in most situations given our talent at FB, O-line, and RB this year.

But then again, if we do throw it out there and it does work consistently I sincerely hope Bobo keeps doing it. It took him until the GA Tech game last year but Bobo seems to have finally figured out something that most NFL offensive coordinators don't comprehend: You're not a great offensive coordinator because of your passing schemes. You're a great offensive coordinator for squeezing out every yard possible of each and every play. When Bobo finally gave up on that 50% run/pass percentage nonsense, he finally started doing some really interesting stuff in his run game.

Cousin Pat said...

As much as I love the FB position as a strength, I see distinct advantages to having two playmaking RB's in the same backfield. It may not have to be the primary formation, but here's hoping Bobo features this as a marquee look.

Please see also: Auburn 2004.