Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heather Dinich gets paid and I don't.

First, allow me to say Farewell to David Hale. Hale has proven himself to be absolute TOPS when it comes to covering the Georgia Bulldogs, and he will be sorely missed. I hope someone out there will be able to fill the void - but don't expect me to be the one to do it. I write about the Dawgs and about college football because I enjoy it, but I certainly do not get a paycheck. If I did, I would be far more prolific in my posts. I too would be able to write daily, insightful blogs about the team I love so much.

Instead, I write occasionally (with greater frequency when there's actual news going on) and my blogs are a combination of venting and opinionated informing. I hope y'all enjoy that.

Anyway, David, you will be missed. You were good to me in the short months that we've had a blog-on-blog relationship, and I wish you well in your future endeavors.

:: Now ::

On to the reason for this blog - Chris Low has taken a little vacation and left Heather Dinich to cover the SEC in his stead. Dinich is ESPN's ACC blogger, so it was no surprise today to see her do an ACC vs SEC blog.


She apparently believes the ACC will hold a winning record over the SEC this year. The conferences have seven matchups:


Looking at that slate, I don't see 4 likely wins. Truth be told, I don't see 4 maybe wins.

Dinich points to victories by Tech AT Georgia, Clemson AT South Carolina, Wake over Vandy and UNC over LSU.

I'm sorry, the ACC may pick up two of those, but I'm damned sure that the first one won't be UGA v GT. Dinich points to the quarterback being the factor in that game.

So, she likes a barely 50% passer, who MARTINEZ shut down against a blitzing, aggressive defense? That's interesting. Maybe she likes him because he's a'd that work out last season? Oh, and she says UGA will be "breaking in a new quarterback." Murray will be starting his 12th game (injuries willing) by then, and he will have been in the system for nearly 2 solid years.

And she gets paid?

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Unknown said...

At least she's better to look at than C Low, Dukes!!

Couldn't agree more, though. She is a little delusional. She also picked Clemson over SC and GT over UGA last year too.