Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ealy...or Sanks?

I've been reading so much over the past few days regarding Ealy's fumble against MSU, that I'm curious as to which fumble now holds more infamy for Georgia fans. People are ROASTING Washaun for not diving on that ball, and I'm not happy about it either. When it happened, though, I questioned whether a whistle blew before the MSU players jumped on it.

Either way, Ealy didn't recover it - and his statement saying he saw the ball but didn't attempt a recovery because he thought he heard whistle, is just plain dumb. it worse than Jasper Sanks' fumble and subsequent "I set the ball down" explanation?

The rabid Georgia fan will say that the Dawgs were screwed on both calls. With Jasper, the ball was out on the 1. A GT player picked it up, retreated into the endzone and was down. That should be a safety. It was ruled a touchback. With Washaun, if the whistle was truly blown, then the recovery never happened. That means the ball should have belonged to UGA at the point of the fumble.

Personally, I gotta go with Jasper's as the worst of the two.

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Bernie said...

Sanks'. Definitely. I've never been angrier in my entire life.