Friday, September 3, 2010

Mettenberger to LSU?

All of the Georgia fans out there who call for Mark Richt to be a strict coach and punish kids and toss them off the team need to remember their fervor for such discipline in the years to come. Les Miles has offered a scholarship to Zach Mettenberger, and I personally hope he takes it. Further, I hope we see him in the SEC title game.


Because I'd love to read the comments by people saying "We never should have gotten rid of him. Richt was an idiot."

That's the life of a head coach, damned if you do, damned if you don't. Ask yourselves - would you rather Richt have kept the kid on the team after showing bad judgment (what he did on vacation) and a lack of character (lying about it)? I know, I'm giving him alot of credit in suggesting his potential move to LSU could possibly be detrimental to UGA. We won't see LSU in seasonal play over the next four years, so the only chance we'd see Metts would be at the title game - and if we're there, then there's no evidence to support the thought that keeping him would have been a better choice than getting rid of him (Unless he beats us in that game).

I don't know...I'm just already looking forward to the potential storylines...and the blogosphere finding another reason to dig on Richt.

Good luck to Zach if he takes the scholly. It's easy to damn a kid who makes a'll just be interesting to hear what UGA fans have to say should he prove to be a very successful qb elsewhere.

Go Dawgs.

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