Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About that Taunting Rule

Just a little self-back-patting here.

April, 2010 - The new taunting rule for 2011 is announced. Subsequently, I wrote a blog telling everyone how bad of a rule it is, and how it can change the outcome of games. If you weren't reading me back then, click on that link and give it a read. I just re-read it again and there's something that really stuck out to me:

Dave Parry, the NCAA's national coordinator of college football officiating (Or, NCCFO as he's probably never called), had this to say about the rule:

"If it's close to diving into the end zone, most likely it would be ruled that the act ended while in the end zone. We'll be lenient. It's really if it's really bad, for example, if a guy flips the bird at the 10 or high-steps backwards into the end zone or starts a forward roll at the 3-yard line."

I wonder if the good folks at Louisiana State University believe the ref was being lenient when he flagged a PUNTER for spreading his arms at the 9 during a 60+ yard run for a touchdown.

Once again, NCAA - You Suck.

Go Dawgs.

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