Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UGA - UT Film Study: Quarter Three

Starting the second half at a 6-6 tie is a far cry from what's been going on for the past few weeks...but I was actually glad for the first half struggles. I had said in the past two victories that it's difficult to make adjustments when everything's been working so well in the first half. Well, in this case, everything didn't go nearly as smoothly as we'd like in the first half. So, it was a good bet that we'd come out with some adjustments...and I think y'all remember how it went down.

UGA 6 - UT 6 Kickoff. Touchback.

1st and 10 Tennessee at UT 20. 3-4. They try a quick pitch-out to the left, we snuff it out. Loss of two. 2nd and 12. 3-3-5. We send 4, they go max protect (7 blockers) Bray completes an out route for 4 yards. 3rd and 8. 3-3-5. Snap goes over Bray's head, he falls on it at the 7. 4th and 23. Punt. Smith falls as he looks to catch the punt, it bounces and is downed inside the TN 40.

UGA 6 - UT 6.

1st and 10 UGA at TN 38. I-Formation Twins Left, TE right. Crowell in backfield. King comes in motion, ends up as Wing Left. We run what looks to be a Lead Cutback play to the week side. This is similar to a Counter, but there is no one pulling. Basically, the FB and HB take steps to the right, and then bend it back. Cordy Glenn seals off the LBs who first read the run to the right, then get out of position to defend the cutback. Crowell gets about 12.

1st and 10 UGA at TN 26. I-Formation Normal. TE Right. Lead Play to the weak side. We get decent movement on the line, but no gaping hole. Crowell gets 3. 2nd and 7. I-Form Normal, TE Right. They have 8 in the box. We go play-action, they rush 6 and our pocket holds. Murray hits Charles on a drag for a gain of 10.

1st and 10 UGA at TN 13. I-Formation Normal. TE Right. HB toss left. Good blocking, but we only get 3. We ran this one to the short side of the field, and Crowell ran out of space. 2nd and 7. Shotgun Twins Right, TE left. Crowell set to the right. We run the same sweep as in the first half. Lee and Jones make good blocks, but they don't knock the guys to the ground this time. They get bunched up, and Crowell only gets a yard or so. 3rd and 6. Shotgun Twins Right, TE left, Crowell left. Mitchell, on the left, comes in motion, so now we're in Trips Right. When he does, the Corner comes with him, showing Man-Man coverage. This dictates Murray's throw, as Charles runs a corner route into the endzone. Because the Corner is gone, Murray knows he has him 1-1 and can throw the ball to the boundry side of him without too much danger. The pass is incomplete, but the LB interferes with Charles, and we get the flag. Watching this back, the pass scares me. If the LB were a little more aware, that ball might have been picked. I know it would have if it were me playing NCAA12 on PS3. Still, it wasn't.

1st and Goal UGA at TN 2. Ace Formation - Twins Right, TE Right. Crowell gets the handoff on what looks like a Power 0 to the right. There's a big pileup, and he only gets a yard. 2nd and Goal. Power-I Tight Right (TE on each side, 2nd fullback set right) We run the toss left, and the hole is there. It looks like Figgins just doesn't get there fast enough to put a block on #40, who stuffs Crowell in the hole. No Gain. 3rd and Goal. The commentator called for the PA on 2nd and didn't get it. Now he's adamant about it. He says the crowd has the defense to "geeked up" to run against them. (foreshadowing - we're gonna run it). I Formation Tight - FB Wing Left. FB comes in motion, now we're in a Power-I Tight Right. We run a great Lead play up the middle for a TD. I love the blocking on this play! Jones and Burnette block down to the backside. Figgins picks up the man coming off the end. Dallas Lee pulls around into the hole, and Zander leads Crowell as well. It's just a beautifully blocked play. Crowell cuts right behind Dallas Lee's block into the endzone. Damn that was pretty. TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA!

UGA 13 - TN 6. Kickoff. They take it at the 5, get it out to the 27.

1st and 10 Tennessee at TN 27. 3-4. They go Shotgun Empty. We rush 4. Tyson makes a good move, but it takes him too long to get there. Bray misfires out of bounds. 2nd and 10. 3-4. They go shotgun empty. We rush 5 and they do a good job blocking us. Bray hits Da'Rick on a drag, Herrera in coverage - just a bad matchup for us. Boykin and Sean Williams in on the tackle after a gain of 13.

1st and 10 TN at TN 40. 3-4. Everyone reads their run out of the I immediately. We could have been in trouble, as Tyson rushed hard inside, but Rambo came down quickly, turned the runner inside, and Vasser cleaned it up for a loss of 1. We're really fast on defense. 2nd and 11. 3-3-5. They try to fake a quick screen and run a draw. Nobody bites. Jones whips the TE and makes the stop for a loss of 5. 3rd and 16. 3-3-5. We send four, and no one gets home. Bray completes it to the HB on a drag route, and he's tackled after a gain of 7 by Gilliard. The HB rolls over Gilliard and keeps running all the way to the endzone, but replay shows his knee clearly was down. 4th and 3. Punt. We're in a punt-safe alignment. (Yay - no sneaking a fake on us!) Boykin takes the fair catch at the 7.

UGA 13 - TN 6.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 7. I Formation Normal, TE Right. Play-Action deep to Mitchell, caught at the 50...he tries to kick it into 5th Gear, and comes up lame. He's tackled near the 20. First and Bomb...I know how y'all hate that. Me too. Gains of 63 yards - just awful. (That's sarcasm, kids).

1st and 10 UGA at TN 22. I Formation Normal, TE Left. Play Action, Murray feels pressure at the top of his drop, and takes off. He gets 5 before running out of bounds. 2nd and 5. I Formation Normal TE Left. I think this is a Zone-Read play to Crowell. I say this because the line doesn't fire off, but instead stands up, and blocks whoever comes. Crowell then reads the hole between RG and RT, and blasts through it. He takes it 17 yards for the score!! TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA!!!!

UGA 20 - UT 6. Kickoff. They take it a yard deep, and return it to the 50. Special Teams still not quite there - also...Walsh appears to be a little shallow on his kicks tonight. I wonder if that's by design, or if he's just off.

1st and 10 TN at Midfield. 3-4. They go Play-Action and we get no pass rush. Jarvis Jones chicken-fights with a blocker for a moment...he may have had a man-man assignment, and didn't want the guy to release. I'm not sure. He doesn't generally do that, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. 2nd and 10. 3-3-5. Jones steps offside. We knock Bray's pass down, so he doesn't get anything cheap. 2nd and 5. 3-3-5. Lane takes it up the middle for about 4. 3rd and 1. 3-4. They try that same quick-pitch, and the refs whistle it dead. Woulda been really bad news for TN if they hadn't, as Jarvis had whipped their TE's block again. False Start TN. 3rd and 6. 3-3-5. Jones makes a great inside rush move on their Tackle, but that allows Bray to escape the pocket to the right and extend the play. He fires downfield to the TE who can't make the catch as Boykin dives in to slap it away. 4th and 6. Punt. We go punt-safe again. They down it on the 3.

UGA 20 - TN 6.

1st and 10 at UGA 3. Shotgun Twins Left, TE Right, Thomas Left. We run a little Gut play to the right. It looks to me that this one gets stuffed when the LB stones Aron White at the line. If Aron gets any movement, then Burnette (coming on the pull) will have a better shot at his man, and Thomas will be able to follow him to the second level. Instead, the hole gets jammed up. Many Fans say "Why are we running a draw on 1st and 10?" We aren't. It's not a draw. 2nd and 8. Shotgun Twins Left, TE Right, Thomas Left. We run a play-action of the Sweep that we had so much success with earlier. That action pulls the Linebackers. Murray throws the bubble screen out to Bennet, who gets about 6 on a whirling leap. 3rd and 2. Shotgun Twins Right, TE Left, Thomas Right. We run a quick curl to Marlon Brown for a gain of 7. YAY!

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 18. Shotgun Twins Right, TE left, Thomas Right. Murray throws deep to King, but overthrows him by only about one yard this time. (Even the commentator mentions that the deep ball has been open all night.) 2nd and 10. Shotgun Twins Right, TE left, Thomas Right. Murray hits Chris Conley on a deep slant for a gain of 17.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 35. Shotgun Twins Right, TE left, Thomas Right. We run a counter. Glenn pulls to lead block, but it looks like he gets lost. Thomas runs right by him, through the hole, and down field for a gain of 21.

1st and 10 UGA at TN 44. We're happy just to let the quarter run out on that one.

So, we had the ball twice in the third quarter, and scored TDs on both. Can't hate that. We came out of the locker room with a solid game plan and flat out got it done. TN gained a net 7 yards in the third quarter.

You got that? They got 7 yards, we got 14 points. I'll take it.

Hey...I know you know about the amazing 3rd and 57 coming up in the 4th Quarter, so come on back and read about it!

Go Dawgs!


blakeuga50 said...

I heard some people saying Murray's performance at Tenn was very David Greene like. Your thoughts on that?

Ben Dukes said...

I suppose it depends on what they mean by that. David Greene was a cool customer. He almost never got rattled, and delivered his balls with fantastic touch. I don't see those two qualities in Murray yet. He's very excitable, and he often tries to muscle his throws too much. He doesn't have solid rhythm with his different receivers on deep patterns yet. That's not like Greene either.

I suppose what they're saying is that he managed the game and didn't hurt us. That is Greene-like. Also, that's more of what he needs to do. I hate to say it, but in crucial games, Murray hasn't put us over the top....seemingly, he's had a penchant for hurting us at the wrong moment. UGA-UF '10, UGA-USC '11 are both examples of this.

I think he's getting better, and he's settling in. If the "light has come on" (overused terminolgy) for him, then we will see him get exponentially better every week.

What I'd like to see is better pocket presence (which Greene and Stafford both had in spades) and better rhythm with each different receiver. He was bailed out a lot last season by Green's athleticism. He's finding it a bit tougher this season - and hopefully growing as a result.