Sunday, November 6, 2011

i Blame Bobo

We shoulda scored 100.


Go Dawgs!!!


tckr83 said...

You're using New Mexico State to try and prove a point?
Knock yourself out man...

Ben Dukes said...

Don't be mad because you wanted somebody to talk smack against our OC and you didn't get it. I don't care who you're playing, when your team puts up 63 points, that's good. When it does it without its top three runningbacks and top receiver, that's even better.

Simply put...the guys made the runs and catches they were supposed to today, and the points were the result.

Bobo didn't suddenly rewrite his playbook. The guys just performed better. Now...can they do it against Auburn?

I say yes.

CP said...

And I think we can do it against LSU and Bama too. Call me crazy. I like the playmaking we're finally starting to see from our receivers and some of the backs. Crowell looks good, but there's something missing. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I hate that Samuel went down. He was blasting the middle at Florida.

tckr83 said...

I'm not mad... I'm a Georgia fan and I fully believe that the Dawgs can beat LSU or Bama after watching the "game of the century" this weekend. I just don't believe that NMSU is a good measuring stick. If you do, that is your prerogative. By this logic, the "idiots" as you so affectionately refer to them... wouldn't have a point about the offense due to the previous 6 frustrating games against inferior SEC competition?

That only seems like a fair assessment in my opinion. But, i'm not a homer...

Boston Dawg said...

I'd agree with tckr83 that NMSU is not a good measuring stick. I don't care who was out. It was NMSU, and we should have scored 63 points.

That being said, Bobo takes too much heat. The offense has done better under Bobo, consistently, than it ever did when Richt was calling plays. I was at UGA during the "glory days" of David Greene, and can remember game after game where the offense was tough to watch.

The difference then was our defense. That's why we won so many games...defense, good special teams, and no major miscues on offense. Well, the defense appears to be making a comeback. I'd put our current offense up against any we had in the early 2000's. Special teams is another story, but if we can have one game where we don't give up a kickoff returned for a touchdown, I think we can take LSU. I really do.

Ben Dukes said...

I never used New Mexico State as any kind of measuring stick. My entire point on this post is that there are people out there who will bitch and complain about a win like this...and I was right.

I don't know if tckr83 is a reader of my blog, or if he's new as of this posting. Likewise, I do not know the same of you, Boston Dawg. Either way, I have repeatedly on this blog shown why it is not the playcalling, but the execution where Georgia has lacked on offense this year.

Too many people fault the coaching because it's easier than admitting that the players may be at fault. "The Buck Stops Here" is a mantra that is far too easily adopted in this. Bryan McClendon didn't hold marijuana to the lips of his players, and Bobo doesn't tell Murray to misfire passes.

The simple statistics DO show a better offense under Bobo's watch than under Richt's, yes.

I believe we can line up with any team in the country and be competitive, and I believe we can do that with Mike Bobo as the offensive coordinator. Will the players perform as they should? You never know...but it won't be a lack of good plays/playcalling that prevents them from winning.

Execution. Execution. Execution. 9/10 times that's what it comes down to. We have had more wide open receivers this year than in any I can remember. That comes from play design. The motions and alignments in Bobo's offense are inspired. He creates mismatches through play design. When you can sit back and appreciate THAT part of the game, you'll start to appreciate Mike Bobo.

Go Dawgs!

tckr83 said...

Statistics show that prior to this season, Bobo's offenses averaged around the low 50's in the nation over his tenure... and you'd be in the minority as journalist/analyst all year long (and previous seasons as well) in the papers and on the internet have called into question bobo's playcalling. It's not just the "idiots".

I agree to an extent it falls on the players shoulder as well however.

I've posted on a few of your blogs before.

Ben Dukes said...

tckr - you think for a second that I care anything about what journalists say? "Journalistic Integrity" in college football?!?!?1 HAHAHAHAAHA!

Oh man, I appreciate that. I needed to start the day with a good laugh.

And as for the "low 50's" in national offense...don't care. Again, you're negating the PERFORMANCE issue. People who take issue with Bobo's playcalling do so often because on a third and 7, someone misses a block or drops a pass, and we don't get the first. So, people bemoan the playcaller.

What I'm telling you is, looking at his play design and the way he uses formations and motions, you can tell the guy knows a great deal about football and putting his guys in position to succeed. It's up to them to actually do it.

Also...look to the top of those national offensive rankings sheets, and tell me how many teams you see who play solid defenses for the majority of their season.

I've never gone on record as saying Bobo is an offensive guru. But, I've weighed and measured his results as compared to another OC at UGA who brought us success quite recently, and he is superior as an OC to that coach. And, by the eyeball test, he makes good calls and is a sound gameplanner.

This is what makes a good Offensive Coordinator...and Mike Bobo is that.

tckr83 said...

You're a blatant homer my friend...

What makes your opinion that much mightier than the other college football analysts/journalists? MANY of them have played to the same level as you and some even exceeding that... (David Pollack comes to mind for one). You're essentially in the same boat that many of them are with previous playing experience, while displaying your opinion as a de-facto "journalist/blogger" with your own blog.

So, why again... should I or anyone else take your p.o.v. on the subject in higher regard than the others in the world of college football?

Again, I laugh at you for trying to pimp the NMSU game... UGA SHOULD beat them like a drum.

Firmly behind Mark Richt, just on the fence with Bobo...

Ben Dukes said...

You use the word "homer" as a negative. What should I be? A grizzled, angry turncoat fan who's searching for answers and a way to back up his pre-season position that the Dawgs would be terrible? No thanks. I love the Georgia Bulldogs.

However, you seem to imply that I am of the ilk who simply spew forth all positive rhetoric regarding the coaching staff and their decisions.

That is simply a false assumption. Again, read back through my blog. There was one point where I was indeed quite un-enamored with Mike Bobo the coach. So, I dug in - I did research. I didn't look at the national offensive numbers, because those tell you very little outside of what teams can do against their schedule compared to what other teams do against THEIRS. However, I looked at the performance of his offenses against the teams they played VERSUS the other teams that played those teams, and often times his offenses came out on top.

And yes, David Pollack was a hell of a ball player, far better than I ever was. And yes, Jesse Palmer and Mark May and all those guys played a lot more football than me. They do have very viable opinions on these matters. However, I don't recall hearing those guys saying we should fire Mike Bobo. I hear them saying that our ridiculous fanbase has been saying we should fire Mike Bobo.

Trevor Mattich (pound-for-pound the best TRUE ANALYST on the ESPN staff right now) in fact was taking the fanbase to task at the start of the season for the idiotic position that you should fire a winning coach simply because there have been a couple of bad years.

And, in case what I said earlier didn't quite sink into your brain...

I never pimped the NMSU game. I said we should have thumped them the way we did.

Also, you refer to the "Frustrating" 6 games before that one. I don't recall those games being frustrating. There was not a point in any of those wins when the outcome was ever a question (save for, perhaps, the end of the Vandy game). What was frustrating?

We've won 7 in a row.

But, no, seriously...please, continue to call me a homer. Completely disregard any of the time and effort that I've put into actually breaking down the efforts of our offense and defense, and instead just resort to mindless juvenile name calling. You're right. That's the way to go with it.

tckr83 said...

Coming from the guy whose opening blog comment was "idiot"... big talk.

If you can't even admit that the offense has sputtered regardless of the 7 game win streak or that our schedule might've had something to do with that (per Richt), you need to brush up on your "research". When I say sputter, we've won, but the offense hasn't looked nearly as fluid as it should against what could be the easiest 7 game stretch in Georgia football history.

As far as this thread and your blogging... where in your original post did it say that you were saying we should beat NSMU like that? It didn't. It left a lot to be telepathically interpreted I suppose. But, you're the antithesis of the "sports and grits" blog if you've ever read it. You're the yin to his yang, as he's continually negative and apparently with you it's a biased former coaches love fest.

How has Mike Bobo done in BIG games? (Crickets) He needs to do better isn't too much to ask from those that support the program. To make a point, Todd Grantham has the defense looking "elite" in his second season, wouldn't you say? I'd like for the offense to do the same and this team could be something special.

Sorry if your feelings get hurt by the homer thing, but I've read your blogs for the most part this year and you've done more "dishing" than "taking". It should be expected eventually.

Ben Dukes said...

Yep. Grantham's D is great. I said that LAST SEASON. But, the mass of people didn't buy it. They said he was no better than Willie M and that he didn't belong in college because he didn't understand the college game.

The offense DOES need to do better. That doesn't mean Bobo isn't doing his job competently. As for your mainstream media pundits, how about your boy Gary Danielson giving analytical blowjobs to Aaron Murray everytime he calls a game, and yet Murray has been spotty at best. He showed out against NMSU, but has failed to turn up well in the big games.

That's just as much a hinderance to our offense as anything Mike Bobo is doing.

But, like I guys just want to harp on the coach. Go ahead.