Thursday, December 15, 2011

A note on blog censorship...

A couple of days ago, my lil blog was visited by good ol "Mr Sanchez" of Sports and Grits infamy. Now, he apparently took some offense to my mention of their blog in a recent post, when I "implied" that perhaps their blog sometimes utilizes catchy headlines and then fails to deliver with a quality post, or indeed one which even has any real bearing on the title.

I didn't mean to imply this...I meant to say it outright. There's no secret that the S&G boys and I don't see quite eye to eye on many things. Mainly we don't see eye to eye on their apparent thought that it is best to be incendiary as opposed to sensible. Then again, I've been waging the war against idiocy in sports-fandom for some time now, and am fully aware that it is a war that can not be won.

Anyway, I have received a few emails and texts about the back-and-forth between myself and Mr Sanchez, mostly because a few of his posts are missing, having been deleted by the author (Mr Sanchez himself). Now, I was unaware these posts had been deleted, as I am informed via email when posts are made, but not when they are removed. So, I was a bit shocked to learn that he removed them. I don't like censorship - even self-inflicted. So, for those who is the back-and-forth, in its entirety (posted as Comments to my blog, "All 21 of Georgia's Missed Opportunities":

So many clicks. I guess your headline writing still needs work Fat Rudy.
Posted by Mr. Sanchez to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 9:38 AM

[Ah, the term "Fat Rudy" - I'm 6'3, 230 lbs...and have less that 12% bodyfat...not sure where the Fat term comes in...but the Rudy part I take as a compliment. Though, it is a bit inaccurate. Rudy didn't dress for a game until the last game of his senior year. I dressed and played in games my first season with the program, and lettered as a Senior while winning team awards as a Junior and a Senior.]
Mr Sanchez - professionalizing irrelevance since 2010!
Posted by Ben Dukes to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 9:47 AM

To be irrelevant, we wouldn't matter enough for you to take cheap shots. But then, that's something people learned at UGA when they didn't have the benefit of athletic tutors and ideal scheduling.
Posted by Mr. Sanchez to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 5:07 PM
[Deleted, and replaced by]
Maybe that bevy of tutors and easy schedules you get as an athlete made the difference man, but "professionalizing irrelevance"? For a college graduate, you seem woefully ignorant of the meaning of both words in that phrase.
Posted by Mr. Sanchez to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 5:09 PM

Took two tries for that one, huh? Nice. A couple of quick things for ya, genius...

1) I know well when I am inventing terms...the usage of that one was quite intentional.
2) Never needed a tutor. AD honor roll, Dean's List every quarter, Academic All-SEC as a senior, and an Honors Program graduate of the Terry College, with a degree in Management Information Systems. So yeah, the brain works just fine thanks.
3) Easy schedules? Sure. If, by that you mean up at 4am for training, in class by 845, early lunch around 1130, then class, then meetings at 2pm, then practice til 6, and then labs, additional class, or campus activities (such as Professional Fraternity, honors society, etc) in the evening. Yeah, thank God I coasted by on that one.
4) You're right - your blog is completely relevant. The complete lack of competent writing is right up the alley of the ignorant masses who would follow you.

Not so long ago, your blog was trumpeting the cause of hiring the likes of Gary Patterson and Dan Mullen. Now, you back Coach Richt and hope readers will forget. You are as fickle as the fanbase and thus will receive no respect.
Posted by Ben Dukes to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 6:10 PM

Or the first one went a bit farther than I wanted. Unlike you, we're a little more respectful than you've ever shown to be.

1) Maybe you need to learn what the word "inventing" means too. Since you didn't "invent" anything, those words already existed. With meaning that is almost at complete opposite from how you attempted to use them.
2) Clearly, from the words you use here. So smart you can't even spell the name of your own teammate in the post before this. Academic All-SEC just the once? And playing offensive line, right?
3) I'm sure you did that year round too. With no help, no tutors, nothing, you super Rudy you. Did you have to walk up Baxter hill, both ways, too?
4) For lacking relevance, we sure get plenty of attention from know-it-all sunshine pumpers like yourself.
Your intelligence shows in that ignorant final paragraph too, that completely abandons reality of what we say or how we say it.

Don't get your respect? I'm devastated, however will we proceed.
Posted by Mr. Sanchez to This Dawg's View at December 12, 2011 6:32 PM

I think my favorite part about this last one is #4. I mean, he is absolutely correct with #2 - I did misspell Jon Stinchcomb's name by adding an "h" to his first name. Damnit if I don't screw that one up all the time. And I'm not sure what he's saying about "year round" in he suggesting that the schedules in the off-season are drastically different? I don't know...from what I recall we had offseason training, followed by spring practices, followed by voluntary workouts after spring practice concluded. I guess in the summertime it wasn't quite as strenuous. Of course, there's the obvious inaccuracy with me playing "offensive line." Then again, I believe this was probably just him being ironic. That, or moronic, but whichever. No, it's #4 that sticks out to me the most...simply because he's either A) Denying that his blog was all for Gary Patterson coming to Athens and delivering his hard-nosed take-no-shit brand of football or that his blog called out Dan Mullen as a quality offensive hire; or B) implying that they were saying all of that tongue-in-cheek as a way of supporting the present regime in Athens. Well, to that I say: Horseshit. The first option is an outright fallacy, and the second would be backpedaling at its best.

On my blog I have theorized and postulated many things over there years. At times, I have been incorrect. In those instances, I have owned up to being wrong. This is called being a "man"...not a "cold-blooded sausage-maker" (whatever that means). Do I expect the "cold-blooded ones" to do that? Nope. I don't. I don't expect them to come out and say, "Hey, maybe we were wrong about Coach Richt." They call me a "sunshine blower", but the fact remains that I take an objective look at the way our team plays football, and the way the program is run. Coach Richt runs a damn good program, and our boys played some damn good football this season. That, my friends, is the uncensored truth.

GO Dawgs.


Kelly and Brad said...

Haha, Fat Rudy! Maybe they are talking about the episode of the Cosby Show when Rudy Huxtable played football? You would weigh more than her so you would be "fatter".
Go blow some more sunshine by making posts about all of the mistakes Georgia has made all season.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I didn't "take offense" at your comment, I thought it was petty jealousy. The comparison to Bleacher Report (have we ever done a slideshow?) was the offensive part.

And you think we "fail to deliver with a quality post"? Have you ever thought anything we did was "quality", so I'm not sure how that's relevant to your jealousy that people actually click on our stories that get picked up by dawgbone. It was a nice backhanded compliment I guess, that we can write good headlines. At least that's about the only interpretation of your comment that makes sense.

On your last paragraph, then you're an idiot who can't read. We've actually admitted to being wrong on Richt's ability to correct the problems that were so apparent in 2009 and 2010. But don't let that stop you from spitting out a tired complaint that can't be bothered with reality.

And a little hint, if you're going to try and play Ben Dukes on a computer, you might want to do a little more research on the man. A quick check of reveals some inaccuracies about your description of "your" time in Athens. Maybe has some typos, but what they have about Ben Dukes doesn't agree with what you say.

And that's why I deleted the comments. There's no point talking with some self righteous douche who can't even get the facts right on the person he's trying to portray himself as. You don't like our blog, we got it. We've tried to be respectful of what you do over here, and the fact that you have a different view than ours. Unfortunately, you can't return respect, and decide to continue with ignorant, pissant statements that often exaggerate what we said, and how we said it. Then get on that self righteous high horse you love to ride, trying to admonish us for not thinking Richt is perfect, while you turn around and bash the kids on the field.

Ben Dukes said...

Then I apologize, good sir, for not recognizing your recantation of the "Richt must be ousted because he can not coach" meme.

However, I do not bash the kids on the field. I do point out failure to properly execute. That is not bashing. That is calling it like it is, or as you would like to say "Bringing the cold-blooded truth."

When I say Aaron Murray isn't a big-game quarterback yet, I don't say it as a remark on his character. He seems to be a good kid, and a good leader...but, he has yet to really get it all together in a big game. That's just a fact.

Moving on.

As for your assumption that I am not whom I hold myself out to be.... allow me to direct you to my next blog post.

Mr. Sanchez said...

When did we say "Richt must be ousted because he can not coach"?

Like your description of your player comments, we've pointed out his failures to execute properly which culminated in last year's horror show. This year proved that with McGarity lightening the load administratively and letting the man get back to the work that he succeeded at, that he hasn't lost it.

Like you say with Murray, both CC and myself think Richt is a great leader and a great man. But he let the program slip a long ways the last few years from the heights he took us to early in his career, and he'd lost some of the edge he had that he's now gotten back.

Small Group said...

Your not the only one he censors. It's his blog.... and he will do with it as he pleases. I know he has said so. What is real fun is when he posts a reply and then later takes it down and posts a substitute reply. Man that is censorship both ways. Like the beard it has a Duane Allman style about it. Keep the faith and don't be afraid to be a Homer Dawg!

Dukes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben Dukes said...

The funniest part is that he censored himself...on MY blog.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Or just didn't care to continue a pissing contest on your blog. And we must view the term "censorship" differently, same as we do "professional", "irrelevance", and "invent".

As for small groups, what else do I censor off S&G? Read some of the hateful, ignorant crap anonymouses post there. I've cleaned out one tired, stupid drive-by comment that a petty jealous asshat would write on old posts months back. Other than that, the idiots have their comments stand.

I clean up what I say some, like Ben's comment above about a double post, mostly when I want word something differently a few moments after posting, but I say the same thing in the second comment.

Small Group said...

Don't know for sure if Sancho ever played sports or just watched. He may have that Letterman's Jacket.... though it probably has the word Manager stitched opposite his name. I'm guessing here. Still I have taken the measure of the man and given him a manager status. The manager was always in my group of friends. Made sure we had towels,handed out the Atomic Balm, picked up corsages for delivery to the young ladies.Nothing wrong with that. Managers forget their status when they get out of college. So...Mr. Dukes please give Mr. Sancho a pass.
just sayin'

Mr. Sanchez said...

what a burn, and so original. we found the next bruce villanch, or chris rock for the kiddies.

Small Group said...

Sancho...."are we cross?"

Mr. Sanchez said...

A little advice from someone smarter than myself smalls, either be a dick, or don't be a dick. But don't be half a dick.

Small Group said...

Sancho, I see that someone “much smarter than you “ has taken time to share some sage advice with you. Kind of them. And you …. With your new found wisdom in hand, you have elected to share your personal growth with me. There’s a recent adage that says “anonymity + audience = asshat.” Hiding behind your Internet persona, you can be as hateful as possible while you maintain a safe assumption that “your identity “and physical person are protected. But here I am withholding the benefit of the doubt from another human being who had really done me no harm. I don’t really know that you are an asshat or that you just pretend to be one on your blog the National Enquirer of all things Dawgs related. Playing both ends against the middle as you do gets confusing. I’m not a dick. Not really. Not since college. I just responded to what I perceived as your rude behavior. “I can’t tolerate rude behavior in a man” . And it’s not even politeness I’m necessarily concerned about. There are any number of impolite remarks I could have used in my scenario that would have been less personal and less . . . well, dickish. We separate ourselves. And from some place of relative safety and anonymity we lob hate-grenades without a care for who gets hit by the shrapnel.

So today I’m using my little corner of the Internet, my little soapbox, to plead for less dick-like behavior. And Sancho….you stop being an Asshat!
Just sayin’