Saturday, September 25, 2010

We are terrible, and you can't blame it all on Penn Wagers.

There's not much else to say.

Explain things away in whatever manner you want to, but we are awful.

Murray made so many fresman mistakes in this game, I stopped keeping count. MSU's #34 should have 3 interceptions and be on award lists after this game. Murray couldn't stare a receiver down more than he did in this game if he tried to.

We continue to ride the I-formation but a underperforming offensive line and backs who don't really seem to have great vision aren't what brings success out of that formation.

Our defense was on the field all night again, and that poses problems that are multi-fold. First, we can't score. Second, our D gets tired and can't stop teams late. Third, we lose clock.

The commentators are talking about resetting goals and reevaluating things. Man, that's an understatement if there ever was one. Georgia is in the bottom of the SEC East. AT the moment, the bottom of the rung looks like a mile away. We play Colorado next week, which will be a nice respite from the SEC...but we still are a long way from being a good football team.

We don't get a consistent pass rush.

Our running game is virtually non-existent.

We still haven't really cut Murray loose.

For some reason we're trying to run 2007's offense, when we should be running 2005's.

We are awful.

Go Dawgs.


CP said...

I'm not really sure what to take from the offensive statistics you've researched. For a few years (wasted Stafford) we had an offense that went out and had to score 50 to win. Now, we have a defense that has to pitch a shutout.
The offense isn't terrible, but they feel muzzled to me. Aside from the turnovers and dumb penalties, Bobo doesn't have that intangible killer instinct. We need a passion and intensity on offense AND defense. It can't just be one-sided. I'm reeling.

Stephen said...

I just now came across your blog and really enjoy your writings and thoughts. Yeah we are in a tough spot, but I have no where else to go, this is my team. I dont WANT to root for anyone else, so im here for the long haul.

I see us gettin better, but it has been some tough these first few weeks. Go Dawgs, see ya next week.

Ben Dukes said...

Stephen - that's one of the best statements I've seen. So many people claim they're going to stop supporting, stop caring, until Richt and Co are removed from Athens. Ridiculous.