Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just some quick stats to think about....

UGA (3-4) currently ranks Nationally as follows:

Total Offense: 53rd (395.29ypg)
Rushing Offense: 64th (150.43 ypg)
Passing Offense: 41st (244.86 ypg)
Scoring Offense: 51st (29.71 ppg)

Total Defense: 14th (290.14 ypg)
Rushing Defense: 16th (103.43ypg)
Passing Defense: 30th (186.71ypg)
Scoring Defense: 20th (17.43 ppg)

To finish last year:

Tot Off- 75th - 362.15
Rush- 47th - 161
Pass- 80th - 201.15
Scor - 51st - 28.92

Tot Def- 38th - 339.38
Rush- 36th - 126.15
Pass- 51st - 213.23
Score - 64th - 25.92

If this team is truly improving as the year progresses, there is simply no logical standpoint from which you could say this isn't a better team than last year. True, this version of the Dawgs has lost 4 games, but they've been turning in better performances than last year's team on average. Now, this assumes that they will finish the year as strong or stronger than they are playing right now....and I believe they will. Statistics are fickle, but at the moment, our Defense is giving up 8.5 points less per game than last year's team, and our Offense is scoring just about a point more. That's a difference of over 9 points per game. You have to like that.

Go Dawgs.

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