Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's in a number?

Just a quick thought -

Some people have said you should never take the number of a great player immediately after he's had it. They say you won't be likely to perform well, and certainly not up the standards set by the previous owner. Some people say jersey numbers can become cursed, and that no one who wears it will be a strong performer.

I've never found either idea to be particularly true. I'm sure people will be able to dig into their memory files and find examples that both prove and disprove the theories.

#14 David Greene was incredible. His successor, #14 Joe Cox, wasn't so memorable.
#1 Mohamed Massaqoui was a damn good playmaker, as is his successor, Branden Smith.
#24 Knowshon Moreno was very very good, and #24 Washaun Ealy looked amazing last season.

Then #24 Washaun Ealy became #3 Washaun Ealy and started fumbling the ball in crucial situations, and apparently lost some of his field vision. Who wore #3 before Ealy? Well, that would be Bryan Evans - did Evans "curse" the number?

At the end of the day, the numbers on a kid's back have nothing to do with how successful he can/will be at the game of football....but it's certainly a fun thing to think about.

Can anyone remember a great #47 after David Pollack?
How has the #33 done since Odell Thurman left?
#10 sure created some memories back in the day.

I wonder if any of these kids who have been kicked off the team/transferred out/injured beyond repair, etc....I wonder if they wore cursed jerseys. Who'll do the research? I put it to you.

Go Dawgs.

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Anonymous said...

I started to do the research but very early on it became apparent that all cursed numbers lead back to Kevin Bacon somehow, someway.