Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Vanderbilt put up 52 points last week. We heard alot about Norman and Stacy coming into the game. The duo picked up 62 yards on the ground. Everyone was scared about Washaun Ealey. He ran for 123, including a 58 yarder, and did not fumble. People in and around Athens watched the rest of the college football day and thought "Dear Lord, we could maybe possibly, if all goes right, win the East."

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We would have to win every SEC game from here on out, and hope South Carolina drops games to two more SEC foes. That's going to be hard.

"But Dukes! The run game is back! The defense is solid. We're gonna be awesome from here on out!"

Be objective, kids. The bottom of the SEC East used to be Vandy and Kentucky. Kentucky has taken big leaps forward, and will be a contender in the near future. Vanderbilt is the one that still lags behind. Don't get overly excited about UGA's success running against Vandy. Vanderbilt is #96 in the nation in Rushing Defense. Luckily for UGA...Kentucky is #87. UK had no answer for South Carolina while Lattimore was in the game. Vanderbilt is 60th in the country in rushing...Kentucky, 57.

We seem to have the edge on the ground.

Vanderbilt's passing offense is 101st in the country. Kentucky's is 25th. Get ready to see our DBs actually be tested this week. Against Vandy, there were throws...but they weren't anything to be afraid of. Mike Hartline is 100x the quarterback Larry Smith is. If we don't sack him, we could be in trouble.

I'm as excited as anyone about the direction in which we're moving - but be ready folks, these blowouts ain't gonna continue all season.

(But I'd love one on Halloween weekend)

Go Dawgs!

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Kelly and Brad said...

As someone who pointed out back on your October 5th post that we are still alive in the east, I have to agree with you about not getting too far ahead of ourselves. I mentioned that we were still alive at the time because we needed a reason to believe that things were not as bad as they seemed. Now that we have beat up on two bad teams we need to stay cautiously optimistic. One game at a time!