Friday, November 19, 2010

Chick Fil A kickoff...What I know is this:

If that thing happens, I want tickets. I haven't been to a game in the dome since my sophomore year when we rallied to beat Virginia in the Chick-Fil-A Peach bowl. The atmosphere that night was electric. People were hurling stuffed chick-fil-a cows from the highest seats in the stadium. It was AWESOME!

The last time Georgia played Boise State, we rocked them in the face and jump-started an SEC Championship season. Now - this Boise State is not THAT Boise State, to be sure. Still, this is the perfect way to start a season. I've long been a proponent of "To be the best, you have to beat the best." And, I don't think there's any denying that Boise State is a top-25 program. I think there is a good bit of debate on whether they are an "elite top-5" program, and rightfully so given their annual resume'. But, they can certainly line up and play with anyone, and beat the majority of teams as well.

Facing off against Boise State is an IMMEDIATE litmus test of our team's improvement and a "This is where we stand" game from Day 1. Don't get me wrong, I understand the angle of beating up on someone at the start of the season in order to have a "warm up". But if you ask me, this whole frikkin' season has been a "warm-up." The defense was getting warmed-up to its new scheme. Murray was getting warmed-up to true-speed defenses. And the coaches' chairs, well...they certainly got warmed up this season. So, here it comes...a make-or-break type season for UGA and Coach Richt. Opening with Louisville would have been a good game - Charlie Strong is a fantastic coach and I'm sure his defense will be solidified in his second season. That being said, do we REALLY want to face his defense? Our track record against it is pretty awful.

Also, Louisville is a 5-5 team this season. They will not finish in the top-25, and won't start out there next season. UGA will finish outside the top 25 as well. However, squaring off against a team which will definitely be a top-10 if not top-5 team in September will be the best way to catch the voters' attention immediately. If UGA were to come out and win that game, the Dawgs would immediately be launched into the top 25. If we were to somehow ROUT the Broncos, as in 2005, our stock would soar.

Also important to note - this is not the move of an AD who is considering firing his head-coach. You don't schedule a sure top-10 team as the opening game for a first-year head coach. I suppose the guys at Sports and Grits will be exceedingly pissed about that bit of clarity.

The "news" of this is definitely exciting. Since it hasn't been officially announced, I don't know that I'm buying 100% into it happening. But, what I DO know is this:

I want tickets. Who's buyin?

Go Dawgs


ecdawg said...

I'll flip you for the tix! Coin is in the air - call it.

Cousin Pat said...

People were hurling stuffed chick-fil-a cows from the highest seats in the stadium.

I remember getting chills watching from Athens as the cameras panned the crowd when that happened. Amazing moment.