Friday, November 12, 2010

Silence speaks volumes

I love that my friend Pete asks whether 5 losses prevents me from blogging. No. In the past, as years have turned sour, I have lost my excitement about the coming games. This season is completely different. There is only one loss where I felt we were out-and-out beat by a team, and that was against South Carolina. The funny thing is, we still had a shot to win that game in the 4th. No, it isn't the 5 losses that has kept me silent. It's because there really isn't much to say.

Most bloggers are debating whether or not Cam Newton will or should play against UGA tomorrow. For those who think Auburn will hold him out, I have to say that's next to criminally stupid. If Cam Newton's recruitment is exposed as one of violations, and he is ruled ineligible, the whole season is down the tubes. It's all over. They'll vacate every win he was a part of. That's ten of 'em, folks. So why in the world would Chizik pull Newton at this stage of the game? At this point, you dance with the one that brought you. If Chizik pulls Newton against UGA, AU loses. If Newton doesn't play against Bama, AU loses. So, if the subsequent NCAA findings are that Cam is guilty, AU is 0-2 for the Season. On the other hand, if Newton is innocent, AU is 10-2, and misses out on SEC and BCS title opportunities.

Beating UGA and AL isn't assured even WITH Cam Newton. But without him, they would be waving a white flag.

So, you can understand why I've been quiet this week. The blogosphere is talking about Cam Newton. I think there's nothing to talk about. He's playing. Deal with it.

Go Dawgs.

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chad said...

I think he is playing as well. The only thing that makes me think he wont is That yesterday, or early today, the NCAA informed auburn of his possible ineligibility. That kind of puts auburn between a rock and a hard spot. Play him and continue towards the MNC and hope it all goes away, or play him and he is found guilty and you played Hom anyway. Then they drop the hammer on you for playing ineligible players. Or sit him and hope it inspires your team to win anyway(which they can't) . So the question is do you protect the future or just hope it goes away....