Monday, October 17, 2011

A Challenge: Beat Bobo

To all of those who hate Mike Bobo and his "oh, so predictable" playcalling, I issue this challenge:

1) Study football.
2) Study film.
3) Start a blog.
4) During the UGA-FL game, update your blog prior to EVERY SINGLE UGA OFFENSIVE PLAY

What I want to see is this: I want you to call formations and plays before we run each offensive play. I'd like to see what all the armchair geniuses can come up with. Oh, and don't try to explain every single detail of how you THINK the play will progress, because you don't have time for that. I want to see this:

1st and 10: Shotgun sweep to Crowell. (POST) then, watch the play Bobo calls. As soon as you see the next down and distance, make your next post.
2nd and 2: I-Form Play Action deep. (POST) then, watch the play Bobo calls. As soon as you see the next down and distance, make your next post.

Remember, we sometimes go no-huddle, so you're going to need to be quick.

Now, you can try to either guess what Bobo will call next, or you can call the game you'd like to see called. Any takers?

Go Dawgs


jferg said...

an even better the first 7 games and add up how many first downs and points we have missed out on because of poor player execution. I can think of a few from every game where if the pass had been caught, we put the game out of reach. Playcalling + Player Execution = Better wins

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, but I will be at the game.

Do we get paid as much as Bobo for calling the plays?

CCRider said...


That ain't really fair. See it's like when I say girls sports suck and someone says "I'd like to see you go one on one with whoever is the best player in the WNBA." Well no because I am not a professional basketball player. Let me see her go one on one with LeBron or Kobe.
I am not an offensive coord. so the test that I use is how many times does the DC on the other side know what is coming and how many times does he make a better call.
If you are still having trouble with getting posted on the bone shoot me an e-mail at you know we are expert at getting posted on places we ain't wanted.

You keep up the good work....we need a He-Man around or else Skeletor may lose interest.

Vincent said...

Not sure how often you hear this but it's probably not often enough. I absolutely love getting your perspective on this blog both as a guy who used to play and your ability to break things down and explain football concepts to this guy who's never played organized football but loves his Dawgs. For example your piece on even basic formations was VERY helpful as well as your play by play breakdowns of the games. Speaking as a fan but not a former player I can obviously see the end result and individual big playsbut it's really neat to see where all 11 guys fit into a play or unfortunately (especially on Special teams this year) what the player's responsibility SHOULD have been,.

Keep up the great work.

uga80 said...

I do not often comment on blogs but I read T Kyle King, Seth Emerson, AJC, Socrates, Blutarsky and one or two others. All bring something different to the perspective. You have the unique combination of playing experience and writing talent that allow the reader to enter the locker room. Thank you for the insights into the language of the playbook and the more technical aspects of execution. Please keep up the good works...if the film thing doesn't workout, the AJC sure needs some help.

mmdawgfan9 said...

Hey Ben: Trying to get in contact with you. Would you mind emailing me? Mike Moss, Producer

email -


Andy Coleman said...

I dog Bobo, and I've done what you say in this post for longer than Bobo has. Albeit, at the high school, but nonetheless. I can fairly accurately predict most of Bobo's play calling at this point too. My problem is that I'm from the Spurrier/Leach/Franklin school of play calling. Meaning, I think outside the box.