Monday, October 31, 2011

Things Bad Teams Don't Do

1) Come back from down 17-3 in a stadium where they've won three out of the last 19 games.

2) Score touchdowns on 4th and long - twice - to climb back into the game

3) Hold Florida to 32 yards of offense in a half of play.

4) Ice the game with a run up the gut on 4th and 4

5) Have a top 10 defense

Look, this Florida team isn't the best we've faced in recent years...but once again, I think it's worth noting that our Georgia team was down by two scores and came back to WIN. We didn't come back to make it close...we came back and WON THE GAME. Richt showed some serious balls on fourth-down calls - two for touchdowns, and one for a game-icing run down to the one.

Last year's team would not have done this.

2009's team would not have done this.

I dare say 2008's team would not have done this.

Others can harp on Bobo all they want...but his scheme was sound in this game. The play of the quarterback was not. I said it numerous times (much to Gary Danielson's dismay, I'm sure) - Aaron Murray is the best in the nation at missing wide open receivers. The playcall of a play-action reverse fake to Orson Charles was a thing of beauty - the execution was excrement. Calling routes into the endzone instead of to the first down marker (or a yard or two short of it) on fourth was inspired. People who don't get that, don't get football.

So many people were calling for Richt's head early this we're 6-2 and tied for the East lead. We'll be 7-2 when we face an Auburn team which isn't as good as the team we should have beat in 2010 - when we weren't as good. 10-2 is a very real possibility.

Oh, and 10-2? That's another thing bad teams don't do.

Go Dawgs.


Jeff said...

I have been trying to expain to these people that Bobo is doing a good job. I think most of them just do not understand the offense. I go crazy when I hear he is not creative. I guess they do not understand that the creative part is in the formations and motions that place the UGA players in a mismatch to succed. This was done several times against Florida but the ball was either not thrown well or not caught. Please help me explain this. By the way where have you been I don't think I have seen your blog for about 2 weeks.

Ben Dukes said...

We had a bye week - nothing to write about. People offer up a ton of conjecture, but when there's not real football going on, I really don't have a reason to write.

Dawgfan17 said...

Totally agree with you Ben. I rewatched the game already and most of the plays had a good chance of success if they were run a little better. Murray missed open recievers, for all the great catches that were made there were also 3 big drops, times when Murray bailed on the pocket early, and other times when the pocket collapsed before Murray had a chance. Does Bobo occasionally have a play call that makes you go WTF? Yes but I promise you so does every other play caller in the country.

Cousin Pat said...

This team has gotten better every week since they left the Georgia Dome. Demonstrably so. That's another thing bad teams don't do.

CP said...

I've been extremely frustrated by the missed throws to wide open receivers, and I don't understand commentators not even really addressing it. Murray has missed an open King down the sideline or on the post so many times. I can't believe he hasn't adjusted to King's speed or route running. AJ and, this year, Mitchell made him look better with their speed and talent. But missing those throws, many of which were sure TDs or at the very least huge gains, is really hurting us. I hope Mason gets at least a half this week.