Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why are my blogs not showing up on the dawgbone??

I'm just saying, seems like my posts aren't all showing up anymore. Here's the link to the Third Quarter Breakdown.

I posted that one this morning instead of late last night...Don't know why its not showing. But hey, read it. It's great.

Go Dawgs.


Jeff said...

I really enjoy your blog and have not seen them on Dawgbone in a while is there another way to read them.

Ben Dukes said...

I'm not sure why it didn't show up in the dawgbone this morning. Generally, as long as I post in the morning after 8 am ET, it's fine. There was a long span where I didn't write much because nothing was going on. But, the season has been rather prolific for me. I started the new "Film Study" series, and people have enjoyed that.

As for other ways to read me, my only suggestion would be to bookmark the blog page. I have friends who "subscribe", but they say they don't get notices when I put up a new blog. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I've noticed that making a post nearer to the top of the hour will trigger the Dawgbone feed to pick it up on a more consistent basis while posts made roughly during the first half on an hour sometimes won't be picked up until a second hour has passed or skipped altogether. This is, as you've noted, especially true of any posts made between the hours of midnight and, to my figuring, four or five AM.

I've also had luck making a post just before the :05 update. For instance, I made a post at 8:04 this morning and it was picked up at the 8:05 update. But it also seems that this is only sometimes true.

It's almost like puzzle game which, in time, will surely drive me mad.

Go Dawgs!

genxdawg said...

My stuff hasn't been showing up on the dawgbone for a while now. Frustrating as all get out. Something about feedburner issues is what they say with me. I just keep posting over at A DAMN BEAST!!! and hope that the DAWGS really interested in reading my thoughts are following on twitter @adamnbeastblog or @genxdawg or over on facebook at the ADB fan page. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Maybe you're too positive? I guess they only want the middle ground, cause some of our stuff gets removed too Ben.

Also, good luck with your extracurriculars that are occupying your time, and stopping the breakdowns.