Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another #1 Tailback

So, Keith Marshall just Verbally Committed to UGA. Always nice to have a good new RB coming in, especially to a team that proved it can win games without a strong running attack. Of course, we can't win the "big ones" without a strong running attack (See: Boise State, SECCG). I'm excited that UGA brings in another top-rated RB recruit with Marshall, but I'm also hesitant, as I always am, to annoint him until he's played a few games. For now, bask in the glow of a big recruiting win, Dawg Fans....and just hope we can hold him for the next two months.

Go Dawgs.


Anonymous said...

Marshall will be enrolling in January, so he'll apply for admission even sooner. I'm glad we got a guy who's got a 4.3 GPA and seems to have character.

Ben Dukes said...

Well, my lack of research on this topic is obvious. :)

Yay for early enrollees!

Tree said...

Think this one is huge. I do think that OL opened some holes for RB last week the RB just did not hit em. When they did we just did not have a game changer to turn a 10 yrd gain to 50 yrd gain. I know one run sat Crowell had a big play and tried to jump cut and just could not hit the whole quick enough. This guy is CJ Spiller 2.0!

Brett said...

Hey Ben, we are having a really good and civil discussion over on Dawgsports about Bobo and the offense. You and I have the same view on alot of the things being discussed over there. Stop by if you have a chance.

The key next year is if Friend can get the young pups up to speed and opening holes for these guys to run through. Seeing 4 guards play O line this year was at times painful to watch.