Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did anyone mention this?

I haven't kept up with all the bloggers over the past two weeks (Sorry EC, Senator, Corbin, PWD, S&G, etc) so I don't know if anyone mentioned the thing that the Georgia defense did against Mizzou, that it hadn't done since playing Florida last season.

The Dawgs made a stop in the redzone.  Not only was it a stop, it was a turnover!  The Dawgs got a fumble inside the redzone, officially creating the first redzone stop against an opponent in an excruciating TWENTY attempts.  Indeed, it was the ONLY redzone stop of the game, as Mizzou was able to score each of the next three times into the redzone.  Still, it was nice to see our D stiffen up.

All-in-all, I haven't been overly upset with the play of our D in the first two games.  Yes, they gave up three redzone scores to Buffalo, and three more to Mizzou.  That's 6/7 on the year.  Not excellent.  But, it should also be noted that there have been three touchdowns and three field-goals.

At this moment, UGA is giving up TDs 47% the time that teams get into the redzone...

Alabama is at 50%.

Again, stats are deceiving...because Bama has only allowed two drives within their 20.

Anyway, just glad to see us get a redzone stop.  That's something to build off of.  With our defensive starters returning, I expect to see more of those.  God Bless you, Connor Norman...I think Rambo has a bit more range.

Go Dawgs.

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