Monday, September 24, 2012

UGA - VANDY Film Study: Quarter One

Ok, The Film Study returns.  I know this series had some fans out there last season, and now that the games are appearing on youtube, I'm able to return to it.  So, here we go...I'm about to watch the UGA-VANDY game everyone's talking about.  I'm frikkin' Giddy.

UGA 0  -  Vandy  - 0

Georgia Kickoff, returner takes the ball in the endzone, returns it to the 14.


1st and 10 at VU 14

Vandy in a Shotgun-wing formation, three wide (twins left).  We're in a Nickel that looks like a 2-4-5 alignment.  False Start.  Can't get a good read on what they wanted it to be, because it appeared they let us through like a screen, but that could have been reaction to the whistle.

1st and 15 at VU 9.

Vandy in Shotgun Doubles Tight with Stacy offset.  Dawgs still in the 2-4-5 Nickel Look.
Inside handoff to Stacy.  Doesn't penetrate much.  Dragged down by a host of Dawgs after a gain of 3.

2nd and 11 at VU 13

Offset-I formation Normal TE left.  Dawgs in 3-4.  Both OLBs are coming.  Strong-side Option. Vasser reads it, plays responsibility of QB.  Pitch goes to Stacy.   It looks like we were in man-coverage, which explains why Stacy has room to run here.  Because Vasser has to take the QB (assuming that's the proper assignment) and BSmith is covering the wideout (whom he had given a 7-10 yard cushion), we lack another outside presence.  Shawn Williams  has to come down from his safety spot.  He gets picked off by a blocker, and our pursuit is unable to get to stacy.  Williams ultimately makes the tackle near the 1st down marker.

3rd and 1 at VU 23

Penalty on Vandy.  Illegal sub.

3rd and 6 at VU 18.

Offset-I formation Normal, TE right.  Dawgs in 3-4.  They go strong-side option again.  This time, Vasser steps outside of the oncoming fullback, forcing Rodgers to cut upfield instead of pitching.  Herrera drives him down at the 20.

4th and 4 at VU 20.

Penatly Vandy.  False start.

4th and 9 at VU 15.

Punt.  Mitchell returns about 24 yards to Vandy 46.

UGA 0 - Vandy 0


1st and 10 at VU 46

Dawgs come out I-Formation Normal TE Left.  Gurley at Tailback.  Lynch comes in motion and WRs shift.  We're now strong right.  Quick toss back to Gurley who takes it around the right side and picks up 7.  Really good hat-on-hat blocking.  In fact, it's possible that Burnette blocked his guy too well, as he drove him laterally into Gurley coming around the edge.

2nd and 3 at VU 39.

I-Form Normal, TE Right.  Same play as previous.  Gurley makes a great backfield cut, breaks a couple tackles, and gets the 1st.

1st and 10 at VU 35.

I-Form Normal, TE Right.  Murray fakes to Gurley, hits a wide open Tevarres King.  All linebackers and the safety got sucked in on the play-action.  Just great.  King gets down inside the 20.

1st and 10 at VU 19.

Shotgun Ace, Trips Right.  Murray fires the bubble screen over to Marlon Brown.  Gain of 8.  Chris Connely gave him a little room to make something happen, but it looks like Vandy was playing a 2 or 3 deep zone, so Marlon couldn't break it wide open.  They were able to rally to him.

2nd and 2 at VU 11.

Pistol Ace, Twins Left, TE Right.  Handoff to Gurley, who takes it to the right for a gain of five.  Nothing horrible on this play, but a couple of little things could have resulted in a bigger gain possibly.  A couple of our OL lost their footing, and as such couldn't be as solid on blocks.  Gurley might have gotten another couple yards, but I doubt he would have scored.

1st and Goal at VU 6.

Announcer talking about Georgia's down-hill running game says, "If they bring that element, along with the passing game, I don't know if they [Vandy] have a chance tonight."  Prophecy with 10:39 to go in the 1st,

Shotgun Ace, Twins left, TE left, Gurley set to the right.  Murray checks the play to a QB run.  He had the seam, but their DT did a good job of reading it and getting off his block for the tackle.

2nd and Goal at VU 4.

Looks like Ace-Twins Left, TE R.  The broadcast didn't cut wide fast enough to see it pre-snap.  Disheartening is the fact that on my freeze-frame, linemen, Murray and Gurley are all moving.  All receivers are still in their stances (including Lynch, who can definitely hear the snap count).  Handoff to Gurley who finds a huge hole on the left side and takes it in for a TD.

UGA 7 - VU 0

Great shot of Uga IX.  Russ is a badass.

Kickoff taken a yard deep, and he's cut down at the 16.  They're not good at running it out.  Take the ball at the 25.


1st and 10 at VU 17.

Vandy in an Ace Cluster-Left formation with a single wideout to the right.  Dawgs in the 3-4.  Short pass on what looks like a quick-post to beat Man coverage by Smith.  Smith not great at re-routing the receiver, and actually gets pushed pretty good himself.  Gain of 9.

2nd and 1 at VU 26.

Offset-I Normal TE right.  Dawgs in 3-4.  Handoff to Stacy, who takes left to no opposition.  Two things happen on this play that killed us.  First, Jarvis was reading for pass.  He didn't take a deep drop, but it was enough to slow his progress toward the runner and allow a lineman to get on him.  Second, the DE (numbers elude me on this one) got caved-in at the point of attack.  The result was a LOT of running room for Stacy.  Great backside pursuit by Amarlo Herrera.

1st and 10 at VU 35

Shotgun Ace, Twins R TE Left, Stacy to the R.  Dawgs in 2-4-5.  Designed QB run for Rodgers.  Our D does a good job of beating blocks on the line and limiting the run to only a few yards.

2nd and 8 at VU 37

Shotgun Wing-right, doubles right, Stacy offset R as well. (damn the right is loaded) Dawgs in 2-4-5.  Counter-Left to Stacy...looks like a play they'll use to set up Play Action later, as Rodgers carried out a roll to the right.  Cornelius Washington comes plowing upfield and takes on the pulling lineman with his upfiled shoulder.  This allows the lineman to wash him out and open a hole for Stacy.  Washington recovers and gets a hand on Stacy but can't bring him down.  Gain of 5.

3rd and 3 at VU 42.

Gimmick Formation with TB Wesley Tate in Shotgun and at least 1 OL in the backfield as an additional blocker.  Basically a Shotgun-Heavy Left with Tate instead of Rodgers taking the snap.  Dawgs line up in 3-4 with Williams down in the box, almost on the LOS. Tate keeps, they do a good job of blocking man-up, and he squirts through for a short gain and the first.

1st and 10 at VU 46.

Offset-I Right Normal.  Tate now at TB. Dawgs in 3-4.    Rogers drops back, we rush with 4 guys, Jarvis nearly makes it home, but not quite.  Rodgers throws deep, intercepted by Branden Smith but it looks like P.I.  Yup.

1st and 10 at UGA 39.

Offset-I Right Normal.  Dawgs in 3-4.  They run a quick handoff to Tate, but Jones takes on the pulling guard and stones him three yards deep in the backfield, forcing Tate to take it lateral.  Vasser's backside pursuit gets there for a loss of 4.

2nd and 14 at UGA 43

Shotgun Ace Trips Right.  HB set to the Right.  Dawgs in 2-4-5 with safeties at 10 and 12 yards.  Corners are at 6 yards, with the exception of the boundry corner (Swan?) who is on the line.  Penalty on VU - False Start.

2nd and 19 at UGA 48

 Shotgun Ace Trips Right, HB set to the Right.  Dawgs in 2-4-5 as before.  Rogers throws jump-pass behind Tate, and Amarlo Herrera drops a possible INT.  Aurgh.

3rd and 19 at UGA 48.

Shotgun Ace Doubles.  Dawgs in 2-4-5 All DBS playing at least 6 yards off.  Williams is 15.  Rodger's pocket breaks down as Jones is held coming around the left side.  A pileup of bodies gives him room, and he takes off to the right, pushed out of bounds by Damian Swann after a gain of 9.

4th and 10 at UGA 39.

Mitchell back to return.  Ball rolls out of bounds at the 12.

UGA 7 - Vandy 0


1st and 10 at UGA 12.

I-Form Twins Left.  Gurley at TB.  Quick toss back Gurley who takes it for a gain of 4.

2nd and 6 at UGA 16.

I-Form Twins Left.  Gurley at TB.  Penalty - Vanderbilt.  Offsides.

2nd and 1 at UGA 21.

I-Form Twins Left.  Gurley at TB.  Long handoff to Gurley who runs over a guy to gain a couple and the 1st.

1st and 10 at UGA 23.

Penalty - Georgia.  Substitution infraction.

1st and 15 at UGA 18.

Shotgun Ace Doubles.  Marshall in at TB.  (Announcer just said "This crew IS aggressive with their penalties."  Does anyone else love that an SEC OFFICIATING CREW is known for being aggressive - and Penn Wagers is nowhere to be found!)  Murray throws a Swing pass left to Marshall, blown up by DE Walker May.   Looks like Murray read Man coverage, and expected the LB to get Marshall, but the LB actually blitzed, and May had the coverage assignment.  Tough mis-read.

2nd and 20 at UGA 13.

Shotgun Ace Doubles.  We run the same play to the right, and they run a similar defense with linemen dropping into coverage.  This one doesn't have the wheels, though, and Marshall finds room for a gain of about 16.

3rd and 4 at UGA 29.

Shotgun Ace Doubles.  They bring a four man rush and the pocket breaks down when Theus falls.  Murray tries to stay alive, but gets brought down for the sack.

4th and 8 at UGA 25.

Punt to the Vandy 30.  Flag down.  Roughing the kicker. Announcer says our punter acted.  He didn't.  He landed on a defender.  I disagree with the call, and with Announcer (I believe this is Andre Ware...who is a dreadful announcer).  We benefit.

1st and 10 at UGA 40.

Shotgun Ace Doubles.  Counter-right to Marshall, blocked very well and Marshall gets about 8.

2nd and 2 at UGA 48.

Ace Twins Left, TE Right.  Marshall still at TB.  Looks like a Zone Read play for Marshall, who picks the right hole on the left side, and takes it 52 yards for the TD!!  Bad snap on PAT, no good.

UGA 13 - Vandy 0

Kickoff taken five yards deep and brought out to the 15.  Holding on the kickoff results in half-the-distance penalty.


1st and 10 at VU 8.

Tight Wing Formation.  Georgia in 3-4.  They run a well-blocked power option that Vasser reads correctly. But, because the wing back is able to get up on Shawn Williams, we can not make the tackle on Stacy before he picks up 13.

1st and 10 at VU 21.

Ace Twins Left, TE Left.  Dawgs in 2-4-5.  They run a simple handoff to Stacy, but there's no room whatsoever.  Gain of 1.

2nd and 9 at VU 22.

Shotgun Wing Normal.  Dawgs stay in 2-4-5.  Herrera moves outside Jarvis and shows blitz.  The tackle steps out to get Herrera and the TE has no chance to slow him down.  Sack.  He's a badass.

3rd and 14 at VU 18.

Shotgun Doubles.  Dawgs in 2-4-5.  Penalty - Vanderbilt.  False start.

3rd and 19 at VU 13.

Shotgun Doubles.  Dawgs in 2-4-5. We rush four and the pocket holds - but they were attempting a screen which Jarvis killed by driving his blocker into the runningback.  With no options, Rodgers throws the ball away.

4th and 19 at VU 13.

Punt.  Returned by Mitchell for no gain.  And when I say No Gain, I mean he called fair catch, and tehy tackled him, and the refs decided it he didn't call fair catch.  Horseshit.

UGA 13 - Vandy 0


1st and 10 at UGA 43.

I-Form Normal TE Right.  Murray fakes to Gurley then fires to Tevarres King for a gain of 12.


What am I seeing?  I'm seeing a shaky, scared Vanderbilt team who hasn't bought into James Franklin's "new culture" just yet, because at the end of the day they haven't done anything of merit to support it.  They're getting pushed around and aren't doing much of consequence when they have the ball.

The officiating has not been great, but now we've been the recipients of a bad call, and the victims of a I guess it's fair and balanced in THAT way at least.  This is what I expected to see in this game.  The Dawgs are just better.  That's all there is to it.

Go Dawgs.

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