Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lest We Forget...

It hasn't been that long since a Georgia Team faced off against Tennessee expecting our defense to have every answer for what their offense could bring.  Sure, we respected their ability, but we were certain that our veteran defense would be able to handle what the Vols would bring.  TN was 2-3, 0-2.  UGA was 3-2, 2-1.  We felt good about our chances to get back going after a tough loss to a #4 LSU team who we'd had until the final moments.

We prepared to load-up the box against Montario Hardesty, the Vols' biggest weapon.  They weren't going to be able to run.  Jeff Owens and Geno Atkins were locking down the middle.  Linebackers Dent, Hebron, Gamble, and Dewberry would be bringing the pain.  Justin Houston was going to come off the edge and hit a not-so-elusive, not-so-talented pocket quarterback.

Enter the enigma that is Lane Kiffin, versus the futility that is Willie Martinez.

Jonathan Crompton (who has, since being drafted in the 5th round of the 2010 draft, been signed and released over 7 times from 4 different teams and their practice squads) lit up the Georgia defense for 310 yards and four touchdowns by utilizing Play-Action passes.  It seemed like the defense had never heard of the concept (off of which its own offense bases its passing game).  Jonathan Crompton, of whom no one outside of the southeastern portion of the country had ever heard, was suddenly a national name.  Jonathan Crompton stepped out of obscurity and into the vaunted position of hero for being the man who delivered Lane Kiffin his first SEC win.


This is Tyler Bray.  He's a whole hell of a lot better than Jonathan Crompton.

What killed us that day?  We thought we knew what they were going to do.  We were certain it would be Montario all day long.  Montario did carry the ball 20 times.  The damage, though, came from Jonathan Crompton's 20 completions.

Now, you're definitely thinking that our team today is much better than our team then.  And you're thinking that our Defensive Coordinator is definitely better than our Defensive Coordinator then.  On both accounts, you're correct.  But, all people are prone to succumbing to their own beliefs.  So, our dawgs have to be careful not to believe TOO much in what they THINK Tennessee is going to do.  Yes, Bray is their biggest weapon...but if all we're looking for is the drop-back pass, you can bet there are going to be a fair amount of screens, draws, and maybe even a collection of roll-outs built to throw of our upfield pass rush.  They may decide to come out and try to ram it down our throats, and use the excitement of our defense in our OWN HOME STADIUM to draw us offsides for cheap yards.

It is imperative for our guys to know that they can't know what's coming.  They must prepare their gameplan, know their technique and fundamentals, and play at top-speed.  Then, our coaches have to make adjustments based on what comes that we didn't expect.

And, THESE GUYS need to remind the players today about the debacle in 2009...

Branden Smith
Aaron Murray
Tavarres King
Blake Sailors
Marlon Brown
Rantavious Wooten
Bacarri Rambo
Sander Commings
Richard Samuel
Rhett McGowan
Chase Vasser
Shawn Williams
Christian Robinson
Michael Gilliard
Dallas Lee

Because these guys were all there in 2009...when our defense was bested,


Never again.

Go Dawgs.


Unknown said...

"They may decide to come out and try to ram it down our throats, and use the volume of Neyland Stadium to draw us offsides for cheap yards."

-The games in Athens, not in Knoxville.

Ben Dukes said...

Correct you are....I got sidetracked thinking about that damned '09 game in Neyland. The mistake has been corrected. Thanks!