Sunday, November 28, 2010

Really? Still attacking Bobo?

Bobo's offense had 11 possessions, and scored touchdowns on five of them. One possession was the kneel-down possession to end the game. Drew Butler only punted twice. The other possessions ended on King's fumble at the GT 9 and Murray being spotted short of the line-to-gain twice (once after a fumbled snap).

In truth, only twice can you say that Bobo could even be remotely to blame for any offensive woes in this game, and that was on the two punt possessions. The drive where King fumbled featured two big runs, and then the fumble. The drives resulting in 4th down stops were a 65 yard drive with two very interesting ball spots (personally I thought Durham had made it on 3rd) and a thirty-eight yarder that ended because Murray didn't handle the snap well enough to even give the offense a chance on 4th.

On the Dawg's first possession of the game, Bobo called one run, and then two passes where Murray couldn't find a receiver and was tackled for no gain twice. Apparently he diagnosed the coverage that Al Grogh was giving him, because the next drive featured 4 passes, 3 complete, and covered 95 yards and scored a touchdown.

Bobo's offense did not punt again until the fourth quarter when Grogh called his first (only?) blitz of the game, and was able to sack Aaron Murray on third down.

So....tell me, Bobo-haters...where's the indictment of his inability to coach?

Go Dawgs.


Unknown said...

There was only one, but it was absolutely idiotic.

When we absolutely have to get a 1st throw the ball 10 yards behind the marker to A.J. Green on a WR screen....

I don't get it.

We'd been absolutely killing them going downfield and with crossing passes over the middle. Why not at least throw it past the sticks. Hated that call. HATE.

That said, the rest of the game was excellently called on offense. If the offensive line was even competent at runblocking, we probably would have never punted. Searel's hasn't done half as good of a job as Bobo this year. If we're getting rid of coaches, Searel's and CDVH need to the 1st to go.

chad said...
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Andy Coleman said...
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Andy Coleman said...

When you play a trash defense, its hard not to score 30 points with AJ Green and Aaron Murray on your team. I love the counter cut-back play we put in. Where has that play been?

Andy Coleman said...

Plus, the UGA offense only really scored 3 touchdowns.

haws1178 said...

I will be the first to say get rid of him although he done ok job in this game its the rest of the year were he has consistantly failed I would go as far as saying that 3 of the 6 games that we won this year was from bobos play calling and the other 3 we won on strength of the players and the losses are about 50/50 also so yes he can be branded with half the wins and half the losses and a 50% couch isnt good enough for dawg nation

Ben Dukes said...

Andy -

42 points = 6 touchdowns.

Houston scored on an interception.

35 points = 5 touchdowns.

I'm assuming you're not counting Ealey's final score because Groh's defense let him in.

28 points = 4 touchdowns.

Where do you get 3?

Teams that scored LESS against Tech:

North Carolina
Wake Forest
Virginia Tech

Matt - I think the play you refer to was the screen pass in the fourth quarter. The reason I think that is because it is the only screen in the game that existed on a drive where we didn't score. So, allow me to correct you:

The down and distance was 3rd and 4, so he didn't throw it 10 yards behind the marker.

On previous screens, AJ had been able to gain 7+ yards each time it was called.

Murray could have checked out of it if he didn't like the coverage, apparently it looked good to him.

It wasn't an idiotic call - it was a percentage play. Groh knew the same thing you did - that we'd been killing them over the middle. You could bet he would call a zone-d that would make that throw very tough...and he did. They weren't in man. If they were, AJ wouldn't have had any room to run at all. The players simply made the play. Also, I submit that if Murray doesn't fumble the ball on the next play, you forget all about that call.

Andy Coleman said...

My mistake, I meant 4. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I stand strong to the thought that Bobo is a BAD situation play caller. The Senator has an excellent write up on just that. Go check it out.

Ben Dukes said...

Andy - For every "bad" situational playcall you can dig up, I'll bet that someone of the opposite opinion could find a suitably argumentative "great" situation playcall as well.

RESULTS are what make people question playcalls. A bad playcaller is someone whose offense is consistently confused, unable to move the ball, and ineffective. Slicing it up to "situational" and "overall" is grasping at straws. Some situational calls work out, some don't. That's football.

Pop Culturist said...

I'm not one that likes to hate on Bobo.. I want so bad to see him succeed and fans to be happy with him, as I would any Georgia guy who's come up through the ranks. I'm not that great with x's and o's, but from my limited view, he just seems to try to mix things up just to be mixing them up. I get that you try to establish the run to open up the pass or vice versa, but on a purely basic level, its maddening not to see him stick with what's working in a particular game. There just doesn't seem to be in-game adjustments made to the game plan.. but maybe I'm missing it. Is this the madate on play-calling from Richt or actually Bobo's call?