Saturday, October 30, 2010


Aaron Murray throws three picks and fumbles the ball?

We don't get ANY of their fumbles?

Just another day in Jacksonville. I suppose the Anti-Richt crowd will once again begin to roar.

We haven't looked this good losing in years. Still, we're losing too much.

There's really not much to say other than "Damnit."

Go Dawgs.


D_Dot said...

It is sad. It's easy to say don't blame Richt but where does the blame belong. Richt is the one who continues to come up short in big spots. I know a lot of people believe in Richt and Bobo but I'm done believing. The management of the overtime stanza was the final straw for me. I seriously have to question the decision making at the end of the fourth qtr on. :59 seconds left in the game and Richt plays for overtime. One pass and two runs? Thats coaching to not lose. Richt does not coach to win. This is one the reasons GA has lost so many close game they've played under Richt. People lampoon Les "the Mad Hatter Miles but he will lay it on the line to win and thats all I'm asking for. For once I would like to see Richt go down swinging and leaving it all on the field.

D_Dot said...

I feel good about the talent the the team has and I, as always have a positive outlook for next season, I just don't know if Richt is the guy to lead the Dawgs to the head of the pack. The one question is who do you replace him with? I don't think McGarity has any real loyalty to Richt. I know he's definitely familiar with Richt's inability to beat the big boys in the SEC. I wonder how many Dawg fans feel like it's time for a change and how many are satisfied with mediocrity under Richt?

BuLLdawg said...

56-4 Boise State last 5 years Chris Petersen
53-10 Florida last 5 years Urban Meyer
52-9 Ohio State last 5 years Jim Tressel
51-10 TCU last 5 years Gary Patterson
49-12 Texas last 5 years Mack Brown
49-14 Oklahoma last 5 years Bob Stoops
48-12 Southern California last 5 years
48-12 Utah last 5 years Kyle Whittingham
47-14 LSU last 5 years Les Miles
47-15 Virginia Tech last 5 years Frank Beamer
46-14 BYU last 5 years Bronco Mendenhall
45-14 West Virginia last 5 years Bill Stewart
45-15 Penn State last 5 years Joe Paterno
45-15 Wisconsin last 5 years Bret Bielema
45-17 Missouri last 5 years Gary Pinkel
44-16 Oregon last 5 years Chip Kelly
44-17 Cincinnati last 5 years Butch Jones
43-20 Hawaii last 5 years Greg McMackin
42-18 Auburn last 5 years Gene Chizik
42-19 Georgia last 5 years Coach Richt

ThePetis said...

I was just wondering if there was a "No blogging after five losses" rule?