Sunday, September 4, 2011

Breaking down the Breakdown - Quarter 3.

We kickoff. They get it to the 24. Ok, that's one of the worst field-positions we've put them in. Let's see what we do with it.

1st and 10 - Doug Martin gets NOTHING. 2nd and 10 - Pass out to Burroughs. Jeremey Sulek misses the initial tackle, but is able to clean it up. 3rd and 2. They go play-action and confuse the hell out of the defense. I don't know if it was Commings or #52 who should have covered up the zone, but they get the first at the 40. 1st and 10 - quick out to the TE. Williams makes the tackle after a 5 yard gain. 2nd and 5. Martin stuffed up the middle. 3rd and 5. Sulek blows a coverage, steps out to the wideout (who is covered by the Corner) and leaves Burroughs wide open for the short first down. 1st and ten at our 46. We rush 4, get no pressure. The pass goes to Kirby Moore on a button-hook. I'm not getting a great look at the DBs, so I don't know what the coverage is...but it looks to be one where either Sulek didn't get over in time, or Smith dropped too deep and they just hit the empty hole. 1st and ten at our 36. We're not in position. Sulek can't make a play on a pass over his head, and it's a first down at our 24. We call timeout to avoid a 12-men-on-the-field penalty. Guys look tired. This is the first possession after the half. Where is the conditioning?

1st and ten - this one is a throw-back to last season's foibles. We get in his face, but he's able to toss a pass up to the tight-end on a wheel-route. We were in zone. Robinson and #52 step up to protect against the run, and end up getting beat. 1st and Goal at the 5. Martin stuffed for a 2 yard loss. 2nd and goal at 7. Toss-sweep to Martin, Branden Smith gets outplayed on the edge. Touchdown.

Boykin slips on the kick return. We get it at the 15. 1st and ten. I-Formation. Play-action for 11 yards to Orson. 1st and ten. Play-action to Orson, gets us to the BSU 45. 1st and ten. I-Form Isolation play. Our line really not getting any movement. We pick up only 3 yards. Ben Jones got out to #36, but wasn't able to move him enough. He fought off and was able to get to Samuel. 2nd and 7. Play-action to Aron White, gain of 14. 1st and ten at the 28. Cordy Glenn jumps early. 1st and 15 at 33. We go with the Sweep. Crowell outsmarts himself. Glenn was out in front of him, and in position to make a block. Crowell tries a juke to the outside instead of cutting it sharply upfield. The juke does aid Glenn in making the block, but the block was already set up. If Crowell cuts upfield, he gets more than the 3 yards he ends up with. The move slowed him enough for the cavalry to get there. 2nd and 12. Shotgun - twins right, Mitchell in motion from the left. They blitz, we pick it up fine. Tevarres runs a seven-yard out...Murray throws it three yards behind him. King tries to come back to it, but drops it. Murray's follow through looks strange on this pass. 3rd and 12. Line makes decent blocks initially....but one thing really worries me. Cordy Glenn dives at a linebacker (not the first time I've seen it). We try a double-move, and can't protect for 3 seconds. Then, we attempt a 55 yarder. No wind. We're in the dome. Walsh misses.

1st and ten they hit a wide-open five yarder. 2nd and five, they try a WR screen, get only 1. 3rd and 3, we snuff the quick-out, force a punt.

1st and 10. We try to go deep to Rantavious Wooten.....who is covered by #4. Murray overthrows both the receiver and the corner. I-Formation Lead play to the weak side. Figgins avoids the linebacker for some reason. The linebacker, of course, is the only guy who ISN'T blocked. Mitchell half-assed a chip on the LB as well. 3rd and 7. Murray gets 3 seconds then is forced out of pocket, and doesn't get rid of the ball. Result? Sack.


We miss 4 tackles on the punt return and give them the ball on the 28. 1st and ten - Moore gets rocked as he throws an incomplete fade. 2nd and 10. Harper breaks 4 tackles during a seven yard run, but gets facemasked. Total gain - 17 yards.

1st and ten at 11. QB run to the right. LBs bite on the fake handoff again. Result - gain of 7. 2nd and 3 - stuffed on run up middle. 3rd and 2. Play-action sucks Williams into the hole, leaving Shoemaker wide open in endzone for TD.

Boykin returns kickoff to 44. First and ten at 44. Sweep to Crowell, breaks a couple tackles, picks up 11. 1st and 10 at their 44. Whole right side of line takes the play off, Crowell gets stuffed in the backfield. 2nd and 11. Murray playaction rollout. Fires to Tevarres King, who drops the first-down catch. 3rd and 11. Penalty on Glenn (and that was a horseshit call. I think his butt was itching). So, 3rd and 16. And, can anyone call the play with me? "DRAW". We pick up 8. 4th and 7. We line up to punt for some reason. I don't get that. I thought we ran the draw so that we could make it an easier 4th down to pick up...but apparently, no. Apparently we ran the draw on 3rd and 16 because we honestly thought we'd pick up the first down. I think that worked once back in 2003 or something. As it turns out, the punt call isn't completely awful, because BSU had a brain fart and lined up offsides resulting in us having a 4th and 2. This is a play that no one will give Bobo any credit for. Initially, we line up shotgun twins left. But, we motion Mitchell to the left as well. This pulls the safety more to the center of the field because he doesn't have to cover a wideout on the sideline. The corner stays in the flats to cover Crowell for the short gain. So, what happens? Orson Charles has an easy outside release past the linebacker, and because the safety is out of position, Murray can easily hit him for the 36 yard touchdown.

Martin returns the kickoff to the 25. 1st and ten. They're able to pick up 2 on a run. 2nd and 8. Jordan Love leaves his man-man responsibility, resulting in an easy completion on the drag for a first down.

End of 3rd Quarter. 28-14.

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