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UGA - USC Film Study: Quarter One

Opening Kickoff: We win the toss (hey, we're 2-0 on that this year) and elect to kick (always my against Boise State?) Touchback.

USC 1st and ten at the 20. Inside run to Lattimore - Our D-Line gets good movement, stop Lattimore for 3 yard gain. Geathers with the stop. 2nd and 7. We bring safety blitz, force Garcia to dump ball off. (Lucky he did, as Vance and Herrera both get sucked in on Play Action and leave a man open over the middle. 3rd and 1. Bad camera angle to start play... Tyson gets good penetration, but Washington gets stoned by tackle. Lattimore starts right, but Tyson cuts that off. Lattimore is able to squeeze the play back to the left and get the first.

1st and 10 at USC 32. Four man rush. We run a twist on the line, but it's too slow to develop. Washington is the last man off the ball - not something we want to see out of a speed-rusher on the edge. Garcia has time, misses Ace Sanders on the out. 2nd and 10. Four man rush again. Washington makes an inside move and gets washed. Garcia rolls out right, throws on the run and misses - looks like a throw-away. 3rd and 10 - Georgia runs a blitz, bringing Commings from the corner, and sending Sulek around his outside. Sulek is redirected by RB, can't get to Garcia in time, but Garcia misses badly. Incomplete. 4th and 10. Punt - Smith attempts to field the rolling ball, bobbles and falls on it.

1st and 10 UGA at Georgia 18. I Formation - Our line fires off, crushes their D-line. Huge hole. Samuel rushes for 12 yards.

1st and 10 at Georgia 30. I Formation - Weak-side toss to Samuel. Dallas Lee pulls, doesn't make a great block on the DE. Looks as if he was off-balance. Samuel has to redirect, backside pursuit is able to catch him. The rest of the OL is on the other side of the LOS. 2nd and 11. I-Form playaction. Max protect fake - meaning it's a 3-man route to start. All 3 are covered, as USC has 7 in coverage. HB and FB escape late, Murray looks to run, pulls up and throws a check-down to Figgins. Gain of 2. 3rd and 9. Shotgun, single back. Bean gets beat on an outside rush at the snap, Murray is lucky not to get sacked. He scrambles for one yard. The basic problem for Bean on this one is that he doesn't really move at the snap - he takes a small step with his outside foot, but doesn't get any depth, or any lateral movement. This allows the DE to blow past him. Easily could have been a holding call. 4th and 8. Punt. Butler knocks it 53 yards - fair catch. Butler is run into, but it looks like the guy was blocked into him. No call.

(Russ looks sleepy)

1st and ten USC at USC 15 - Deep handoff to Lattimore - we beat them at the point of attack, but Washington gets turned inside. The issue here is that in Grantham's 3-4, each man has 1 gap to take care of. At the snap of the ball, Christian Robinson makes a read and flies into the gap between G and T. That means Washington is responsible for outside contain. He gets forced inside, Lattimore is able to make the read and the cut outside. Lattimore gets 12.

1st and 10 at USC 27. Our D stands them up at the LOS, Lattimore is able to get about 3. 2nd and 7. Play-action. Four-man rush with another twist at the Nose. Garcia hits Jeffrey over the middle. Looks like we were in a man-under cover 2 - both ILBs stepped up to defend runningbacks, Commings turns his back to the line and runs deep with the wideout, Boykin stays with Ace Sanders. Williams and Rambo are playing deep 1/2s. If that's the case, I don't understand why Smith didn't go with Jeffrey when Jeffrey made his cut. Watched it 10 times. Definitely a bust by Smith. Still, Rambo makes a sure tackle.

1st and 10 at USC 44 - Fake HB sweep left, toss R to WR (nice playcall). Commings makes great play on the block of Jeffrey, blows the play up at LOS. He saw it all the way. 2nd and 10. Shotgun - quick pass. Their whole O-line cut-blocks our Dline. Garcia's pass is too high for Jeffrey. 3rd and 10. Shotgun. Washington almost jumps offside, but stalls, then blows past their OT to force another bad throw by Garcia. 4th and 10. Punt - fair catch at 15. Antonia Allen runs into him, 15 yard penalty. Penn Wagers has to call the penalty, and you can see a little piece of him die inside.

(That litter of bulldog puppies is too cute!)

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 30. Ace formation - We blow them off the ball, Crowell makes a couple good cuts, gets 15 yards.

1st and 10 at UGA 45. Ace Formation - Same play, Crowell breaks a tackle, cuts it back, picks up close to 30.

1st and 10 at USC 26. I-Formation - We run a lead play to the weak side. The hole is there, but the LB cuts Figgins' legs out from under him - Figgins didn't get low enough, they pile up in the hole and Samuel is unable to hurdle them successfully. He sommersaults to the ground after a gain of 3. 2nd and 7. I-Formation. We snap it before they're ready and drive the whole line backwards. Pickup of 4. 3rd and 3. Shotgun-single back (?) Bean gets beat, this time on an inside move and Murray throws a poor pass as he his hit. Murray double-clutched this one. If he had thrown it when he initially wanted to, it's most likely a first-down to Wooten. Instead, he's hit, it's incomplete, it's 4th down. We send out the fieldgoal unit. 37 yard FG good.

Kickoff. Touchback. Love it.

1st and 10 USC at USC 20. - Zone-read fake, quick pass out to Alshon Jeffrey. We had a Corner blitz on. They get 8. 2nd and 2. Garcia rolls out right, Tries to hit Jeffrey on the come-back, but Bacarri Rambo picks it off!

1st and 10 UGA at USC 42. - Ace Formation - Ben Jones gets destroyed at the snap, driven back 3 yards. Crowell has nowhere to go. Makes his first move 3 yards in backfield, carries a few men across the 40. 2nd and 8 - Shotgun Ace - sweep to Crowell, gain of 13.

1st and 10 at USC 27. - Shotgun Ace - Murray throws over the head of TK. Slight pressure by DE, but Samuel blocked him pretty well. 2nd and 10. I-Formation - Right side of line doesn't get much movement. Samuel gains 1.5, but runs into the LBs there. He may have had a little crease to the left, but didn't see it. Call it 3rd and 9. Shotgun Ace - Draw to Crowell. Backside LB comes on blitz, is able to track Crowell down and trip him. Nothing but green in front of him. Frustrating gain of 5. 4th and 4. Send out Walsh. 39-yd FG good.

Kickoff. Touchback. Can't get much better.

1st and 10 USC at USC 20. Our D-Line stones them, stuffs Lattimore at LOS. 2nd and 10. Garcia throws high, Boykin drops a pick-6. 3rd and 10. Cornelius Washington misses a tackle in the backfield, but Robinson and Smith bring Lattimore down before he can reach the 1st. 4th and 2. Snapper rolls the ball to the punter, fair catch called.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA37. I-Formation play-action to Figgins, gain of 29.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 38. I-Form, Iso Handoff to Samuel, Nose-tackle gets into the A-gap, either Jones doesn't chip him, or Chris Burnette doesn't cut him off. Otherwise, play was there. 2nd and 10. I Form - run the Iso to the right. Samuel loses his balance when he tries to avoid an oncoming defender. Down at 31. 3rd and 3.

End of First Quarter. UGA 6 - USC 0. Russ looks ready to nap.

Formation selection -

13 snaps under center, 9 from I-Formation.

4 Shotgun plays

Someone said to me that Richt is too conservative, that we should have gone for the 4th down plays instead of kicking field goals. I disagree. Neither of those 4th down-and-distance calls were close to a "lock" as a first-down, and neither time would failure have given the opposing team terrible field position. If it's 4th and 3 at the 5, maybe you go for it....but at the 25, you don't. At the 31, you don't - especially if you got the ball on a turnover. You ALWAYS want points after a turnover. 30-40 yard kicks should be gimmies. The shorter kicks can actually be harder depending on the angle. This is why you see coaches less likely to go for it on 4th from between their 20 and 30 yardlines if the distance to gain is 3 yards or more.

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