Monday, September 12, 2011

UGA - USC Film Study: Quarter Three

I'm so glad to finally be seeing this. I've been looking forward to it since Saturday. Let's get to it!

Kickoff. High kick taken by Boykin at the 20, returned out to UGA 38.

1st and 10 at UGA 38. I Formation - Murray fumbles snap, falls on ball for 2 yard loss. The play would have been a straight drop-back pass, no play-action. 2nd and 12. Ace Bunch. Jet Sweep to Tavarres King. King makes a move, picks up about 3. 3rd and 9. Shotgun Ace - 5 man rush (double LB blitz, DE drop to mid-zone) picked up. Murray hits Mitchell on a deep curl for a gain of 11.

1st and 10 at midfield. Shotgun Ace - Murray floats a high one towards Crowell downfield, nearly intercepted. Good play by Gilmore not biting inside on the curl. Bobo wanted him to bite since we'd just hit that play for a first down. On the previous play, Samuel had been in the backfield, and stayed in to block. On this one, Crowell was in and released. Gilmore saw it, and made a play on it. 2nd and 10 - I Formation off-tackle right. Blocking is decent in the line, good double teams, but the edge is sealed. Samuel cuts back, completely reversing field and runs away from a gang of tacklers. 18 yard run. Block in the back is called on "#10" (we don't have one on offense, but Wagers is referring to Orson Charles, who definitely shoved a guy in the back when he didn't need to). 10 yard penalty. 2nd and 19 - Shotgun Ace (Boykin at HB) - quick screen to Bennett. Bennett fumbles, but he's ruled down - and upheld on review somehow. 3rd and 18. Shotgun Ace (Boykin) - Sweep to Boykin - gains 10. He could have picked up more, but Dallas Lee dove at the feet of Linebacker #54. Boykin saw the missed block, and had to cut outside. Then, Ben Jones did the same thing at the feet of the same backer. Jones' effort is more effective, but because Boykin has to cut outside, he's cut off just past the original line of scrimmage. 4th and 9 Punt by Butler - 36 yards, out of bounds at 13.

1st down USC at USC 13. We appear to be in a Nickel 3-3-5. Our line get good push...but again, it appears Washington is taking his man on with the wrong shoulder, allowing Lattimore to bounce outside. Jarvis Jones has great backside pursuit though, and slams Lattimore to the turf after a 3 yard gain. 2nd and 7. Now back to the straight 3-4. High snap, looks like a designed QB run to the right but Garcia feigns a simple rollout until both Robinson and Herrera commit. Jones has outside contain, and sets his edge. Looks like it was a blitz call all the way, and Garcia just did what he needed. He cut it up inside of Jones, and past Herrera and Robinson. Basically, it was a poor angle by Herrera that hurt the most. Gain of 22. Flag on the play. Holding? At any rate, 2nd and 11. 3-4 Look again. We blitz all LBs. Either Tyson or Robinson busts here. It's a draw play to Lattimore, but looking at the scheme, Washington is rushing outside, Tyson is on the G, and Robinson takes on the Center. This wouldn't be an issue if Tyson played to the outside shoulder of the G, but he tries to rush inside...most likely it's because he read "pass" and was attempting to simply beat his man. This is why Draws are effective. You get the DL to make a move they shouldn't, and put themselves out of position...then you hand it off and hit them when they're off-balance. Robinson makes the tackle, but Lattimore picks up about 15.

1st and 10 at USC 25. regular 3-4 Abry Jones gets a great jump off the snap, but gets stoned. Still, their line gets no movement on us. Tackle by Chase Vasser and Robinson (Jones and Geathers join in). This play is actually a great representation of what run defense should look like in this alignment. Vasser seals the TE, Tyson and Geathers fit in on either side of the LT, Robinson steps up into the gap between LG and C, Abry Jones fills the gap between C and RG. Herrera has the gap between RG and RT completely shut down, and Jarvis Jones stands the TE up, and has the edge on his own side. This is a single-gap responsibility run defense. They get nothing. 2nd and 10. Regular 3-4 again. Basically a carbon-copy of the previous play by our Defense. They squeeze three yards out. 3rd and 7. Spurrier plays some substitution games, including a kid with no helmet jumping onto the field momentarily. Garcia is out of the game, "wildcat quarterback" in. Nickel 2-4-5 Defense. We give absolutely no respect to the thought of a pass out of this alignment. Robinson blows straight through the line at the snap, is taken on by two blockers, leaving Sean Williams free on the edge. He sets the edge hard against a pulling blocker, forcing the runner inside, directly into Abry Jones. No gain. 4th and 7. Smith takes it at the 25, makes some great moves, but needed one more. 47 yard punt, 32 on the return.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 43. Shotgun Ace - They run a CB blitz, we run a screen to Crowell...great playcall. 23 on the play.

1st and 10 at USC 20. Shotgun Ace - We run a sweep to the left. Crowell starts to outrun his blockers, but cuts it back up inside them. He may have gotten a little more if he had cut up sooner, but he didn't see it. He'll learn to be more patient. (funny enough, the commentator mentions him being a very patient runner moments after I type that last line - and he was patient...just not at the outset) Gain of 3. 2nd and 7. Shotgun Ace - They rush 7, we have 5 in protection. Murray gets this one off cleanly (thank God we didn't call a PA on that one). Pretty good pass out to Wooten across the FDL on a ten-yard in (maybe a dig..I wasn't a receiver) but he drops it. 3rd and 7. Shotgun Ace - Screen again - They rush 5 (DE stunt inside...death when the call is an outside screen), but we block it well (Dallas Lee - BIG BLOCK, son!!). Crowell dives to the pylon, touchdown Georgia!!!

UGA 20 - USC 14

Kickoff. Walsh gets it about 4 yards deep, but they bring it out. Gain out to the 20.

1st and 10 at USC 20. Call it a 3-3-5 (because Washington has his hand in the dirt) We get good push upfield...but the big play comes from Sanders Commings on the CB blitz! SACK! Commings took a great angle, the FB didn't see him til too late, and he brought the WOOD! We benefit from the play-action, where Garcia never gets a backside read. He has to trust his FB to pick up any pressure. Oops. 2nd and 17. Flags fly. False Start. 2nd and 22. (Crowd is finally making some noise. Welcome to the game, kiddies. Glad to have you.) 3-3-5 look again. We get great pressure off both edges, and bring a delayed rush by Robinson. Garcia scrambles and tosses one underhanded towards Lattimore. Incomplete. 3rd and 22. 3-3-5 look. Great pressure from Jarvis Jones, rocks Garcia in the mouth. Garcia gets the pass away to Ace Sanders, but Sanders is out behind the 20. 4th and 12. Punt downed at the UGA 43.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 43. Shotgun Ace - Crowell takes handoff - looks like some kind of Read play. I'm confused, because I see Dallas Lee pull and kick out to the right, but the rest of the blocking doesn't look like any kind of power-right or sweep. Anyway, decently blocked..just not enough space to really get anything going. 2nd and 7. Shotgun Ace - They blitz 2 LBs, Murray gets the throw off - incomplete to Michael Bennett, and the refs call PI.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 42. I Form - Fumble on the handoff to Crowell, ball gets kicked forward, and rolls straight into Gilmore's arms (you've got to be kidding me) Huge return all the way to the UGA 5. Great tackle by Bennett to give his D a chance.

1st and Goal USC at UGA 5. 3-4 look - Robinson is either assigned to spy Garcia, or just makes a fantastic read, as he knifes into the backfield off the edge and wraps him up at the 8. 2nd and Goal - 3-3-5 look. Jones jumps offsides, flags come out. Garcia takes off and makes it into the endzone. The offside killed us. It put Jones far out of position, and opened a huge hole for Garcia. Wow. I'm not certain we would have stopped the play had Jones not jumped, but he would have been in better position to take on a blocker and make it more difficult for Garcia to get through. As it played out, there was one man between Garcia and the endzone, and that man was blocked by Lattimore. (Rambo got a nice shot on Garcia at the goalline...but that's totally moot).

USC 21 - UGA 20

Kickoff. Boykin takes it at the 2, bottled up at the 25.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 21. I-Formation PlayAction - protection "broke down" quick...but it didn't look like the wild scramble by Murray was necessary. We get 2, then lose 10 because of a hold on Chris Burnette. 1st and 20. I Formation - Play Action Max Protect (we have 7 blockers) they bring 6 pass rushers. Pocket holds. Murray throws a wobbly pass toward Orson Charles and Antonio Allen undercuts it, picks it off, and takes it home. The worst part about this play? Israel Troupe was wide open on a 15-yard out route. He fooled Gilmore with a move inside, then cut out. By that time, Murray had already decided on his throw, and wouldn't have seen it. Instead, he tried to squeeze a pass through tight man-coverage, and didn't throw a good enough ball to get it done. The ball was wobbly, and behind Orson, allowing the pick. If Murray had put the ball about three feet more to the left, Allen would not have been able to get to it, and we either would have had a big play, or a second-and-long. Instead, touchdown South Carolina.

USC 28-UGA 20

Kickoff. Taken by Boykin at the 2, returned to the 12.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 12. Shotgun Ace. Short pass over to Tavarres King on what looks like a short hook route of some sort. It's a little interesting...he runs the route, then just does a few little crow-hops inside as their DB moves to the flats. (By the way - this is the kind of pass many Bobo-haters say doesn't exist in the UGA playbook) Gain of 7. 2nd and 3. Shotgun Ace - Simple post to Malcom Mitchell. 12 yard gain.

1st and 10 at UGA 31. Shotgun Ace - they rush 5, Murray floats it out quick to Marlon Brown in the flats. 3-yard pass, Brown turns it into an 8 yard gain. 2nd and 2. Shotgun Ace - quick pass out to Samuel in the flats. 7 yard gain for a 1st down.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 46

End of 3rd Quarter, USC 28-UGA 20.

Ok, I've now watched three quarters of this game, and I have absolutely no idea how anyone can say that South Carolina is more talented or has outplayed us on either offense or defense. On Special Teams they had a huge play, and we had a great play nullified, so give them the edge there on execution, fine. But our offense is beating up their defense, and our defense has surrendered 2 scores - one on a 5-yard drive. So...yeah, I'm not buying it.

This is terrible - it's like the Kentucky game two years ago. I know the outcome, and I still can't believe it. Watching this game, I simply can not believe we don't end up winning it.

Formation Count -

Under Center - 6 (5 I-formation, 1 Ace)
Shotgun - 13

The only score we have in quarter 3 comes on an all-shotgun drive. Out of I-Formation, we give up a fumble that goes back to the 5, and a pick-6. For all you Bobo-and-Richt haters out there, I don't think that's "REAL GEORGIA FOOTBALL."

On Defense, we're doing a great job of mixing in blitzes and confusing the hell out of Garcia. The offense is asking alot of the the D in this game by giving the ball up. The score of this game could easily be 27-14 at this point, in favor of UGA. Unbelievable. Moving into the 4th quarter...

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