Monday, September 12, 2011

For those interested in Dan Mullen...

I submit this: For 59:30, the MSU gamplan had been to run a shotgun-based read-option game. They had racked up enough points using that offense to be only one score back of Auburn in the waning moments. They had picked up first down after first down, and scored touchdown after touchdown out of that offense.

With the ball on the two yard line, and a time out remaining, Mullen goes to the I-Formation and attempts a power run which is stuffed and MSU is forced to call their final timeout with 10 seconds remaining. They're on the 2 yardline. They have 10 seconds. Conventional wisdom says, you can get two plays in if the first is a pass. I mean, if you want to bang it in, fine...but you could try something else FIRST and then resort to the run after...because if you run the ball, the game is or lose. If you throw it, you can bail yourself out.

Mullen calls an I-Formation Option play which is stuffed at the goal-line, and time runs out.

This is the coach that people think could do a better job running the Georgia Football Program.

I mean, so many folks hate Bobo for not adhering to what works...but at least he does his experimentation throughout the game. You're not gonna find him "trying something out" on the 2 yard line, down by 7, with 10 seconds to go. Mullen tried to "Man Up" and "Get Tough" against Auburn....a team whose D-Line is much more accustomed to that style of play than MSU's is.

Playcalls like that definitely don't win you titles. I'll keep Mark Richt, thanks.

Go Dawgs.


Fed up said...

If I'm not mistaken Miss st. ran an option out of the Iform on the last play of the game. All Relf had to do was pitch the ball and it would have been a touch down. The call was correct the execution not so much. Just Sayin.

Ben Dukes said...

Actually, the pitch man was taken out of the play early by AU defender #35. This is why Relf held on to the ball. #35 had solid outside contain, and went straight to the pitch-man. So, Relf cut it up.

That's actually proper execution. The problem was the QB could not break the tackle of the safety.

Now, you can say "improper execution" on any play that doesn't work. That's not the issue. The issue is that you have a philosophy that has worked for the entire game, and you switch it up...most likely because you want Auburn to think you're going to try to smash it home up the middle.

AU didn't fall for it. MSU fell in the game.

That's not a smart playcall.

Mr. Sanchez said...

If I'm not mistaken, Mark Richt made a similar mistake early in his career against Auburn, except with Jasper Sanks as the ball carrier getting stuffed instead of a QB. Oh and we had the QB stuffed thing with JT3 in the 2005 Florida game. If its a comparison we're making it's not like Richt's immune from playcalling and clock management issues. He's got plenty of good qualities, but playcalling and clock management haven't been among them.