Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oversigning is great if....

Much reading about oversigning today. I'll put it very simply: Oversigning is great if the important thing is winning titles, and not the welfare of the athlete. As long as these kids are just cogs in a wheel for winning games and somehow satisfying some internal need of the fan to be able to talk trash to everyone wearing another school's colors, then yes...oversign away! But, if we want to take care of student athletes. If we actually care for those who come into the program and want to see them succeed, then oversigning is a practice that should come to an end.

Sorry, I'm not cynical enough to support it. Sure, scholarships are one-year renewables...but when you sign a kid, you are expecting him to give to your program for a series of years, not be ready to get rid of him if years one and two aren't what you expect.

If we had cut at DJ Shockley at any point during his injury-plagued career, UGA would not have 2 SEC titles in the 00's.

Go Dawgs.

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