Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick thought on the Boise Debacle before I head to a movie

If this is what 8 months of preparation for a game brings us, I shudder to think what we'll look like after only 1 week's prep for each of our remaining games.

I'll be doing more on this game later. Right now, I'm just angry. That's all. Angry. I'm not disappointed. I'm not in disbelief. I'm just plain angry. There is no excuse on the planet for us losing to Boise State, much less us getting beat like a bunch of third-rate pansies all night.

The positive side of me says, none of our goals are really ruined...and an 11-1 season will result in an SEC title game appearance.

The realistic side of me says there are a bunch of teams on our schedule who are more likely to beat us than Boise was...especially since we "prepared" for them for 8 months.

So, I'm angry.

Go Dawgs.

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