Monday, September 12, 2011

2nd Half Film Study still to follow

Hey Dawgfans! Sorry for the delay in getting the film study of the 2nd half up. I still haven't seen it...and even though I know the sour results, I'm really looking forward to the avalanche of points we put on the board. If you haven't had a chance to view the Film study of the first and second quarters, click on the links to the right and check 'em out.

It's funny how many comments I've read after this game talking about Bobo's abandonment of the I-Formation. The Under-Center to Shotgun ratio was about 50/50 in the first half. Now, like I said, I haven't seen the second half yet....but I don't get the point-of-view given what I've seen.

It is odd that we were heavily in the I in the first quarter, and then heavily in shotgun in the second....but you can also say that we scored a touchdown out of shotgun in the second, and that was the only TD we scored in the half.

Anyway, I'll post the third and fourth quarters this evening. You East Coast folk will probably have to wait til tomorrow morning to read 'em since I'm in Los Angeles.

'Til then (or until I see something else that fires me up and inspires another post today),



Cousin Pat said...

This stuff is gold, Dukes. You really have a very good eye for what is going on for every play, in a way a lot of folks can understand. Great work.

jferg said...

Thanks for doing this. I'm pretty sure if you keep it up, you'll have a nice little following by mid-season.

I wonder if you can get into the defense a bit more. Your breakdown of the OL is great (and maybe that is a factor of TV) but what is going on with our LBs in particular. It seems to my untrained eye that:

Cwash is absent and hurting us
CRob, Gilliard are doing well 'with what they have'
Sulek and Vasser seem to be outmanned a good bit
Jarvis is the best LB we've had since Rennie.

Ben Dukes said...

Ferg -

I generally break down what was good and what was bad based on what I can see. Because I'm working from TV coverage and not actual game film, it's often hard for me to see too much of what the LBs and DBs do, unless the play is either a big gainer, or a pass downfield.

When I identify errors (Such as CW stepping inside instead of maintaining outside containment), I am sure to relay them. As for the play of individual linebackers, I will try to keep it in mind when breaking down the second half.

Still, the thing most people had been worried about coming into the season was our DL. So far, I think our DL has performed very well.