Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Film Missing - UGA v Coastal Carolina

Sorry folks, I'm not doing a breakdown of this one. There's a few reasons for this:

1) I did not DVR the game.

2) The game was on ppv, so I went to watch it at Barney's Beanery where I could drink beer and hang out with friends instead of paying to watch it at home.

3) The Chanticleers are nowhere near the talent level of the Georgia Bulldogs, so, breaking down the successes would give us no clear picture of why we dominated.

4) The breakdowns I saw were rather easy to diagnose -
A) Murray still misses too many easy passes.
B) Rambo made a great play, then a boneheaded mistake
C) Penalties cost us points (Branden Smith and Brandon Harton had TDs called back)

I sent a text to a friend a few hours before the game this morning. It read simply: UGA by 60. I'm a little upset that we didn't hit that mark - especially since we had every opportunity to do so. But, Richt is a "classy" coach - he does not tack on late field goals for three extra points, when there's no need. Instead, he's content to run on 3rd and very long, just to see if a kid can break a big one and keep the ball. I'm not against that. If we do kick the field goal, we then have to kick the ball off - and kickoffs are known to be dangerous plays in terms of injury probability. There's really no reason to kick that field goal - unless you want me to be right about the 60 point margin of victory (and in 11 years, that has never seemed to be a concern).

This game was what we thought it would be. We blew out a team who had no reason to be on the field with us, and then ratcheted down the offense. I was glad to see that our backup defense still didn't allow a score, or even a bunch of big gains. We slammed the door shut on a bad team, which is what good teams should do.

I would have liked to have seen a few more big runs...just seems like we can't quite get that one to go very often. Against a lesser team, you should have a few big burners.

It's nice to get the W, but have to keep it in perspective. It gives the kids confidence, gives them something to feel good about...but now they have to prepare again for an SEC foe in 7 days. After the way Ole Miss lost to Vandy today, they'll be out to prove they're still a decent program. Time for Georgia to stand up and prove that they may be that, but we're just plain better.

Go Dawgs.

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BuLLdawg said...

26 Players supposed to have for 2011, no longer here


Half the Starters on Offense and Defense left to the NFL :
1.Clint Boling - Cincinnati Starter at Guard NFL
2.Akeem Dent - Atlanta active Linebacker Falcons NFL
3.Kris Durham – Seattle active Wide Receiver NFL
4.Kiante Tripp – Atlanta Defensive End cut last cut NFL
5.Darryl Gamble – San Diego active Linebacker NFL
6.Demarcus Dobbs – San Francisco active Defensive Tackle NFL
7.Josh Davis – Chicago Offensive Tackle cut last cut NFL
8.Shaun Chapas – Dallas Cowboys Fullback practice squad NFL

LEFT EARLY as Juniors :
9.Justin Houston – Kansas City several tackles Linebacker NFL
10.Caleb King – Minnesota Running Back practice squad NFL
11.AJ Green – Cincinnati Wide Receiver 41-yard TD catch NFL

Of these 11, the last 3 are supposed to be here :
1.Justin Houston – said he would be great 2011
2.Caleb King – said he would be great 2011
3.AJ Green – whined kicking he should stay 2011

4-Brandon Burrows RFr waited until Fall Camp for surgery lost for year
5-Dontavius Jackson great RB transferred out, leading RB UAB
6-Lonnie Outlaw – failed Qualify 2010, 2nd leading WR Ga Military
7-Walter Hill Wide Receiver – kicked off team or would be Senior 2011
8-Chris Little - # 1 OL in state of Ga, transferred out
9-Ben Harden – OG played 3 games 2010 would be Senior 2011
10-Jonathan Owens – OT Redshirt Junior 2011, medical disqualification
11-Logan Gray-12 games 2010, Senior Transfer Colorado made catch
12-Montez Robinson – would be redshirt sophomore 2011, kicked off
13-Zach Mettenberger – LSU,would be redshirt sophomore 2011, kicked off
14-Deion Bonner that was this year stealing in locker room
15-Chris Mayes – Dream Team 2011 failed Qualify, MS Gulf Coast Nose Tackle played several games, made several tackles 2011, more than ours have here
16-Kent Turene – Dream Team 2011 failed Qualify, top Linebacker # 18, Jireh Prep NC
17-Jalen Fields top DE nation Dream Team 2011, failed to Qualify
18-Jakar Hamilton - Senior Free Safety injured, transferred
19-Nick Williams – could be Senior 2011, transferred North Alabama Strong Safety
20-DE Jeremy Longo, Jr. — Medically disqualified
21-OL Tanner Strickland, Sr. — graduated with eligibility remaining
22-OL Trinton Sturdivant, Sr. — knee injury, career over
23-OL A.J. Harmon, Jr. — Transferred to Alabama State
24-TB Washaun Ealey, Jr. – Transferred to Jacksonville State
25-LB Marcus Dowtin, Jr. — Transferred to North Alabama
26-OL Brent Benedict, RFr. — Transferred to Virginia Tech



Mismanagement by the "coaching staff"