Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hey, Idiots..the Defense didn't give up 45 points.

Interception for TD - 7 points

Fumble return for TD - 7 Points.

Fake punt for TD - 7 points.

45 - 21 = 24.

The defense gave up 24 points. That still ain't great, but it was good enough to win with an offense that scored 42 points itself.

Some will say, "they also had to defend the goal-line from the 5 when the offense fumbled, and you can't expect them to do that!" Yes, I can. I can expect them to force a fieldgoal, or a turnover. If the defense had forced a fieldgoal, that puts the defense's surrender at 20 points. That's definitely easier to swallow.

But, they didn't.

Still, 24 is NOT EQUAL to 45. Stop trying to hang this one on the defense.

GO Dawgs.


Scott said...


I think I have found a new favorite blogger. I was seriously considering getting back into the blogging thing, but you are doing a much better job than I would have.


tckr83 said...

I haven't seen many people on ESPN, AJC, Augusta Chronicle and other sites saying it was the defense's fault...

The overwhelming majority blame it on the obvious... turnovers, the fake punt and special teams.

Anonymous said...

You can really hang another 7 on the offense. One of the SC TD drives was only 5 yds after yet another turnover.

Ben Dukes said...

tckr83 - I never said the MEDIA is blaming the defense, did I?